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Write your Erasmus motivational letter in five easy steps

Do you want to leave for Erasmus and the infamous motivational letter is the only obstacle between you and your deam city?

Don't worry, this article is going to rescue you from the boredom of your everyday life and get you on a plane to live the best time of your life!

Say "adiós" to your country and pack your bags. Here's how to write your Erasmus motivational letter in five easy steps.

How to write the Erasmus motivational letter:

Step 1: Brainstorm

Write your Erasmus motivational letter in five easy steps

Guys, it's time to take action. Put your ideas together at the computer or the old-fashioned way with pen and paper. Then, divide your blank page into two: personal motivations and academic reasons that push you to go on Erasmus.

The first category includes interest in a culture, a language or a country in general. (Also partying and studying less, but let's not talk about that in your admission letter).

Instead, the second category includes all the characteristics of the university you choose that could improve and enrich you academically speaking. For example, a particular course you are interested in.

Put this list aside, but keep it handy because you will soon need it to create your Erasmus motivational letter in Italian.

Step 2: Introduce yourself

As with every well-organized letter, it should be divided into introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the second phase, we are going to deal with the introduction of the Erasmus motivational letter. Here you should write a short presentation of yourself.

Highlight your qualities, but only the ones related to your desire to leave. Let me explain. It doesn't matter if you are generous, nice or a good cook. Instead, talk about your academic career. For example, you could stress what has always distinguished you in your studies.

This because one of the Erasmus goals, after all, remains that of self-improvement, especially at university level.

If you want to get an idea of how to start writing, read this facsimile motivational letter for Erasmus among these examples on our website.

Step 3: Motivate your choice

Write your Erasmus motivational letter in five easy steps

Here you are, it's time to take back the list of step 1 and deal with the second part of the letter: the body.

Start with the column of the academic motivations that made you choose to spend time at a foreign university. This is the most concrete and practical point: make it original so that you can convince the committee to choose you.

Include in the text all the most convincing points of the list and go deeper into those topics. Show the lecturers that you have gathered information about what the course offers. Most importantly, make them understand that your only goal is not to visit pubs and breweries.

Then, show them your curiosity about the destination. Every city offers an infinity of different opportunities. So much so that is hard to sound monotonous in showing your interest in a destination. The keyword is "get informed" and find the reasons that best suit you.

The questions you have to answer in this part are: Why did I choose this university? Why did I choose this city/country? Do everything you can to find valid answers, once that's done you'll be halfway there.

Step 4: Top it off

Stress in a summary sentence your will to go. Then, write down what it would mean for you to take part in the Erasmus programme. Next, thank whoever is reading your letter for their attention and remember to address the professor politely. This is because he or she has a difficult task: reading thousands of motivational letters. Finish with 'I hope you will consider my application'.

Step 5: Check for errors

Write your Erasmus motivational letter in five easy steps

Don't forget to check the text and make sure there are no errors of any kind. Please note: style is also important. This means that the letter should be formal but to the right point. Moreover, don't forget that it must not fall into banality.

I'll leave you a very interesting article that could help you in this drafting process phase. Here it is 7 tips for writing an Erasmus cover letter. Among other things, you'll find an example in Italian, in English and one in Spanish.

Make a copy of the motivational letter in the language of your destination country. The aim is also to cope with the Erasmus motivation interview in the best possible way. This often has to be done in a foreign language, and many students find themselves unprepared even for the simple questions. This should not happen to you, so after checking for errors, translate the text!

(PS: follow the Erasmusu.com golden rule and don't do it with the help of Google Translator).

Erasmus traineeship motivation letter:

Remember that this template Erasmus motivational letter can be useful whether you are leaving to study for a semester, for a full academic year abroad or if you are appliying for an internship.

Write your Erasmus motivational letter in five easy steps

If you still haven't chosen your Erasmus destination, take a look at The 5 best cities to go on Erasmus.

What are you waiting for? Join the Erasmus students community!

Oh, nearly forgot! If you are searching for accommodation, we can help you! Erasmusu allows you to choose among large rooms, studios, university residences, and apartments. This way you can find the best accommodation for you online and even before arriving in the city.

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