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7 tips for writing an Erasmus cover letter

How to write an Erasmus cover letter?

I'm going to give you some tips as many of you have already emailed asking for help or an example letter. I guess it's because you're all getting everything sorted for next year.

When writing a cover letter, I recommend you do the following:

  1. Be brief and concise. Remember that the person reading your cover letter will have to read yours as well as hundreds of others. If they have to read more than they need to it will drive them mad. This isn't good. The truth is, they might not even read it, but just in case, you need to make sure it is written well.
  2. Be polite, but not overly so. Use formal terms, but don't write it as if you were writing Jane Eyre. Try and make it enjoyable to read.
  3. Make sure it's well structured. It's important to separate each paragraph with a space, and don't write "párrafos mazacote", huge paragraphs that are difficult to read. Also, if you're brave enough, you can write in a more original way, something along the lines of '10 reasons why I think the Erasmus exchange would be a great opportunity', and present it as more of a list. Lists, used a lot in blogs etc., are much easier to read than one long text.
  4. Don't use the language as the only reason you want to do an Erasmus exchange. Above all, try and focus on how it will help you in the future in terms of employment. For example, I'm sure the university you are going to has something unique to offer, something you can use in the future.
  5. Try not to make it too emotional. You are not writing to your mum or a friend. Someone you have never met is going to read it, alongside hundreds of others, so to them you are nothing but just another piece of paper. You could be the best person in the world. Or you could be Cruella de Vil incarnate. So don't try and make it too personal. Try to avoid writing things about wanting to go to Paris to see your french girlfriend you met whilst living there last summer.
  6. The main thing is that you make it clear Erasmus is going to help you in the future. Similar to the previous point, clearly you should speak about how you are going to experience a new culture and how this will be an enriching process etc., but save this for the end. You can talk about, and should emphasise, how the Erasmus exchange will open doors in the working world and give you a unique learning experience. Speak about the opportunity to know more about a completely new education system or if you are working, how you will acquire new skills and even perhaps specialise in these areas.
  7. Write a concluding statement. Write something short and sweet that summarises everything you have said. This will help make your message clear and make sure it sticks in the reader's head.

Does anyone have a cover letter they have already written? If you like we can post some of them here.

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