The March Holidays

Continuing with what I was telling you earlier, erasmusitos, I've come to conclude with the drinking gamesand the good times I had in the kitchen on the eighth floor of building number eight.

The March Holidays

The first mini party took place on Wednesday when Flavie's brother came with a friend visiting from France. It was a small party where we gave free reign to our Erasmus drinking games. Also, it is very good proof that you don't need music nor too many people to have a good time.

The March Holidays

The first game I want to tell you about consisted of arranging the deck of poker cards in the shape of a pyramid. The photograph illustrates this quite well. We arranged them in seven rows, and each row adds a one card more than the next, so that the first row is one card, the second one is two, the third one is three... and so on until the seventh and final row which has seven cards.

The March Holidays

Then, four cards are dealt between each of the players. If the deck has run out, cards can be dealt from a different deck, this doesn't matter. The thing is that you look at your cards and memorise them. No one else can see them and neither will you later. You must remember where you have put each one of them because then you may have to pick one up.

The March Holidays

The game begins with the raising of the first card of the seventh row. The idea is that if you have the card that has just been lifted you can order the person you want to drink. The other person, usually on the first rolls, will trust what you tell them, but you can actually lie. You can order drinks without having the card. The game consists of guessing who has each card as you order a drink.

Let's imagine then that on the table the two of hearts comes out and I have this card, but we are already in the fourth line and they don't really trust much. I order Pierre to drink, but Pierre doesn't believe me. So for me to show him that it is true, that I have the two of hearts I need to remember where I had put it and show him. If it is true and I have that card, instead of a small drink Pierre must drink the whole glass and if I have lied, I don't show him any of my cards and I die drinking all my glass.

It's a bit of a stretch, but it achieves the purpose: that everyone drinks xD.

I love the next game. It's a matter of placing all the cards in a circle around the glass, all joined together. In turns, each time one of the players draws a card and each has a rule (let me see if I remember them all):

  • Ace: Everyone drinks
  • 2: You drink
  • 3: You order someone to drink
  • 4: The girls drink
  • 5: It is the rule that has me dancing that I don't remember :/
  • 6: The guys drink
  • 7: Heaven: shout seven heaven and raise your hands to the sky. The last one to raise them drinks
  • 8: Choose a friend so that when you drink, they do also
  • 9: Nine shots that you must hand out as you wish. Together or separately assign them to someone.
  • 10: Rule. Invent a rule and everyone must do it while drinking, otherwise they drink twice as much.
  • J: Eye master. This means that while you have this card whoever is looking at you in the eyes drinks.
  • Q: Question master: If you ask a question and someone answers you with yes or no, that person drinks
  • K: The glass of death: the glass from the beginning is used for something. When you take out this card you pour a little bit of your glass into the glass of death. Whoever is lucky enough to take out the last card drinks the glass.

There is also the rule that whoever breaks the circle for the first time will have to drink from their glass.

As you can see, it's a game that can be a lot of fun and from experience I can tell you that whether you want to or not, you get drunk. I started playing a little bit silly and in rather short sips and ended up laughing to myself alone. One of the French guys got sick (it was Flavie's brother's friend... inexperience ea xD).

The March Holidays

Over the nights a whole series of chorrijuegos were being invented like the one with the bottle of vodka with the cards on top. Something as simple as placing cards on top of the cap so that if you place a card and they all fall, you drink the whole glass.

Well, that was Wednesday, very quiet and amongst friends. Then on Saturday another kitchen party took place in the kitchen of building 46 on the occasion of Tristán's friend's visit from Malaga. I still remember the women's revolution when they commented that handsome guys had come hahaha. They handsome guys thing is a joke we made amongst ourselves because Norwegians have have very specific and characteristic features and the Spanish, well... where there is a brown guy the rest is usually taken away from us.

The party was entertaining and pretty quiet. There was music, a lot of people I didn't know, people were curious... It was interesting and enjoyable, actually.

And the truth is that in March not much happened because between work that I had to do, little money for travelling and the lack of people, it was still something familiar and amongst friends, but I liked it. I remember the month with fondness. Perhaps it wasn't the March that I could have hoped for, let alone having Easter holidays, but I'm satisfied and I don't regret it. Sometimes circumstances come as they do and that's how they came then.

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