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The introduction

Hello everyone, I hope, that you are all doing just fine!

In this article I want to tell you about me preparing Tolma for the first time , I mean, I have participated in preparing it some times ago, when they were preparing it at home, but I haven’t really done much of the things there, as I didn’t know anything about it and I didn’t want to get into their way, so that I just kind of watched them and, well, I haven’t really watched all the way through the process, so that this time, when I decided to prepare some Tolma, I knew some things how to be done, but not everything, so I had to search the recipe in the Internet and ask around and things like that, you know, and, well, I had to remember those things, that I had watched during the preparation process and do those things while preparing my Tolma.

So, I really love this dish, especially, when it’s prepared by my mother, you know. however, I haven’t eaten it for quite some time now, and I wanted to have a taste of it again and that’s why I decided to prepare it no matter what. You know, as a child, I didn’t really love Tolma and I didn’t eat it and, well, if they insisted, I would just eat the filling inside and leave that cabbage like that, because I didn’t like its taste and I didn’t want to eat it. And, you should know, that so do many children, I mean, they don’t like that cabbage, which is around the meat and rice filling and they just eat that filling without the cabbage and however there is this another dish, called meatballs and it’s that meat filling just without the cabbage, people don’t really prepare them, because they like that Tolma better and they want to eat Tolma and not meatballs, you know. so that children are left like that without meatballs and they are made to it Tolma without cabbage, hence.

Anyways, this other day my father decided to have some meat ground and bought it and brought it at home, so that it was this great meat there, I mean, it was half beef and half pork, so that it would be delicious together. You know, if there’s just beef, it gets a little bit dry and if you add some pork, then it’s not that dry, because those pork pieces have some fat and it gives the filling a great taste. And you can buy the whole meat pieces in that shop in Sagarejo and then you can have them grinded in that very same shop and that service is just ideal, because then you don’t have to bother about grinding the meat at home, though we have that grinding machine, which is just perfect for that and we grind the herbs and peppers and onions there too with that meat and everything just comes out great and you don’t really need to put much effort in preparing the meat filling, you know, so that it’s pretty easy to use that machine for many things for grinding. And since I don’t have a chopper now, it’s really useful to use this grinding machine in grinding of onions and herbs, because my chopper kind of broke down and I have it left at some shop, where I hope, that they will fix it.

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