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Last offers to explore marrakesh

Published by agadir holiday — 3 months ago

Blog: marrakesh desert tours
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desert tour from marrakech

The Agafay desert is located about thirty kilometers south of Marrakech and stretches over several hundred hectares. This desert, however rocky can be assimilated to a desert of sand. Indeed, its white dunes stand out from the landscape and are similar to the dunes of the Sahara. Right in the middle of this desert, there is a surprising oasis nicknamed the enchanted oasis, a true haven of peace and tranquility, where flora and fauna can develop easily. In this hollow of the wadi, frogs and turtles live peacefully, in the middle of water and arid lands! Lost in the desert hills which resemble dunes, there are still some Berber villages which continue to exist in this austere but sublime nature.

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