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  • Tea House

    From Tabacco Factory to a Tea House The Tea House (Чай във Фабриката) is one of my favorite places in Sofia. It used to be a tabacco factory in the long gone past. Now-a-days it has turned into an amazing small tea house. Source The menue includes both...

    0 by Bo, 8 years ago
  • Bio Cafetto

    Bio Cafetto Source I love this place. It's cosy and soo nice. It offers recycled goods, such as wallets, second-hand books, and a delicious menu. Source The menu includes drinks only, the range goes from wine to hot chocolate, tea, juices and so on. Source There is...

    0 by Bo, 8 years ago
  • El Patio de Maravillas

    El Patio de Maravillas is a squad house in the center of Madrid. Its name literary means “The Marvel Yard”. For those of you who do not know what a squad is, there is my explanation: a squad is a place occupied by people who take care of it, develop it, and...

    0 by Bo, 8 years ago
  • La Tabacalera

    La Tabacalera is the largest squad house in Madrid. For those of you who don’t know what squad is, it is a place, occupied by people who take care of it, usually live there and sometimes organize certain activities. Source I am not sure if anyone lives in the La...

    0 by Bo, 8 years ago
  • Mulata

    There are many cafés and bars in Maribor. Most of them offer good coffee and nice atmosphere. Mulata, however, turned out to be one of my favourite bars. The owner is from the beautiful island - Cuba. He has managed to transmit a little bit of the Cuban spirit in...

    0 by Bo, 8 years ago
  • Interspar restaurant

    Interspar is one of the supermarkets that are popular in Slovenia. In Europark there is also a restaurant that is related to the supermarket and has the same name. It is a self-service restaurant, which makes it even better. Why? Well, you don't have to wait too much....

    0 by Bo, 8 years ago

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