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Interspar restaurant

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Great variety for 2.70 Euros

Published by Bo Ko

Interspar is one of the supermarkets that are popular in Slovenia. In Europark there is also a restaurant that is related to the supermarket and has the same name. It is a self-service restaurant, which makes it even better. Why? Well, you don't have to wait too much. There are usually many people, but still, you get your food quickly :) The restaurant has an enormous salad bar with all sorts of greet salads, tomatoes, mayonnaise salads, and so on. Then you have to choose additional salads, such as dried tomatoes (which I personally love). The desert is often a small piece of cake or some cool cream. The main dish consists of different types of meat (you can choose), grilled vegetables, solty pancakes, etc. There is also a soup (I have seen mushroom and vegitable I think... I am not sure if they change the types of soup). You also get slices of bread and 330ml bottle of mineral water.

Just a quick note: In Slovenia you get student cupones, which you use with your mobile phone. Depending on the restaurant or cafeteria where you eat, you pay between 0. 00 Euros and 3 Euros (That is in Maribor. In Ljubljana you usually pay around 2. 50-3. 00 Euros). In the case of the Interspar restarurant you pay 2. 70 and the food is great!

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