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  • Tasquinha dos Sabores

    Tasquinha dos Sabores Are you looking for a traditional tapas restaurant in Porto? If yes, Tasquinha dos Sabores is a good option for you for sure. Actually it’s one of the first restaurants in Porto where I ate tapas. The interior of this restaurant looks very modern...

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  • Casa dos Waffles

    Casa dos Waffles Porto Located in the main shopping street of Porto (Rua Santa Catarina), you have the waffles house of Porto. The same estabishment already existed for over ten years, but in Póvoa de Varzim (sub-region of Porto). The new one in the city center of...

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  • Munchie - The Burger Kitchen

    Munchie hamburgers The hamburgers at Munchies are cheap, very tasty and natural. The restaurant is located in the city center of Porto. The space is quite small, so not many people fit in there. But many people don’t mind to wait outside to get a place at Munchies....

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  • Churrasqueira Cidade!!

    Churrasqueira Cidade! This is a restaurant that I visited I don’t know how many times. All the time you pass by this restaurant you smell that delicious, grilled meat. The restaurant offers various kinds of meat and fish. The inside of this churrasqueira looks very...

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  • Cremosi

    Cremosi One of my favorite bars in Porto is Cremosi. In Porto the better weather has already started, so it’s a good moment for you to try this bar if you are visiting Porto. There are several Cremosi bars in Porto, for example in the city center there are two: one on...

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  • Porto Exit Games

    Porto Exit Games: Are you able to escape in 60 minutes? If you are looking for a challenge, you will love the Porto Exit Games. Porto Exit Games was created in 2014. You will find yourself in a scary, virtual reality in which you and your friends are the central...

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  • Livraria Lello

    History The brothers José and Antonio Lello had a big passion for culture and books. The brothers were originally from Santa Marta de Penaguião (Portugal), and José was the first to come to Porto. José loved books, music and reading and his dream was to become a...

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