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    Life in Pisa

    Right now, I live in Pisa, it is a very small incredibly cute city. In the evening you could enjoy the sorroundings a lot (as compared to during the day). Quite full of students (not during pandemic of course) but amazing place to visit. You could probably visit the...

    0 by Muhammad Sunny in Erasmus experiences Pisa, 7 months ago
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    Heavenly beaches

    You know when you hear about france, you want to visit the most amazing beaches or architectures. This is a place to go specially if you are a student in brittany region. Heavenly sights outside the walls of the city, very small island to visit from the beach (you could...

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    Port city to visit

    Its a port city so naturally has its beauty speacially for people who enjoy a strong windy weather. Really beautiful city but its small so you could visit whole city in a day. However, if you plan to stay a day then definitely visit the island, it is a place worth...

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    Greatest city of the world

    I mean its Paris, there is just too much to do so do not plan a short trip like 2 or 3 days. if you are going to Paris go for at least a week so you can actually enjoy everything there. Great museums (Muse lu Louvre), places to hangout to see the sun go down (Sacre...

    0 by Muhammad Sunny in Erasmus experiences Paris, 7 months ago
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    Tour de ville

    In normally in the beginning of august or end of july there is a fair in which they decorate the whole city with figurines of many animals (both imaginary like dragons and beautiful sea creatures like sea horses etc), the city is lit. It is quite small so you can...

    by Muhammad Sunny in What to see Lille, 7 months ago
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    Any small shop

    Well, there could be many reason to visit many great cities in Europe. But for people who don't speak many european languages, for them the priority is to go somewhere they can communicate with locals, ask for great places to eat or to hangout or go partying or...

    by Muhammad Sunny in What to do Amsterdam, 7 months ago
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    Balls and Glory

    It has amazing staff, fairly good food at a fair price of course. People speak good english so people who don't speak french, it is good for them. The most amazing thing is to sit there in the evening when there is music in the street, it has small benches in the street...

    by Muhammad Sunny in Where to eat Brussels, 7 months ago
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    Kamionek Lake

    Kamionek Lake is an amazing spot to do a bit of swimming (in summer of course). You can hang out there just with your friends. The surroundings are clean and quiet. But during summer there are normally alot of people but they mind their own business. You could go...

    by Muhammad Sunny in Erasmus party Warsaw, 7 months ago
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    When I was in warsaw, I used to go there quite often with friends just to hangout. It has good drinks (even for people who don't drink alcohol). The staff is quite friendly too. This was our spot to eat pre-dinner snacks or some (from some I mean Italians) may call it...

    by Muhammad Sunny in Where to eat Warsaw, 7 months ago

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