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Jana Markova

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Jana Markova

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  • Experience

    Parisian memories

    Why did you choose to go to Paris, France? I knew the language that is not so common in the Czech Republic. It was therefore easy to be accepted. And in addition it was my dream to live in Paris! How long does the scholarship last? What much money did you receive for...

    0 by Jana in Erasmus experiences Paris, one year ago
  • Blog

    "Residence Hilton" or the University housing called "la Maison des Arts et Metiers"

    Past memories Last Sunday, I was having a drink with my dear roommate Crki and her colleagues from her physics lab in a bar called Le Fleurus. The main reason of this funny meeting was for many participants the watching of the World Football Cup that was projected here....

    0 by Jana in Erasmus blog Paris, one year ago
  • Blog

    My favourite places in Paris vol.2

    Let’s read about places thanks to which the stressful and quite unhumanised Paris gains an image of a city full of kind people and good food. Rue Champollion – Cinema Street            First, I would like to introduce you one special street, hidden just around...

    0 by Jana in Erasmus blog Paris, one year ago
  • New photos in Paris

    gallery updated, one year ago
  • Blog

    My favourite places in Paris

    How the life in Paris really is? During my four years in Paris, I’ve learned lots of things. I understood that real Parisian life is far away from the romantic and colourful one that we imagined through the films as Amelie from Montmartre. I understood that the...

    0 by Jana in Erasmus blog Paris, one year ago
  • Blog

    The journey to the land of storks: a weekend in Alsace

    Les jours Feries One of the weirdest things of the life in Paris is the constant feeling that you’re on vacation. This fact is due to an enormous number of school holidays that are taking place every six weeks (and each lasts two weeks!) as well as to many free days...

    0 by Jana in General, one year ago
  • Roommate

    26 year old student of art is searching for a room in NYC

    Hi, my name is Jana and I am a Sorbonne Nouvelle Graduate currently enrolled at Broadway Dance Center. I am 26 years old and I am looking for a flat or flatshare, 900 Dollars max. I am friendly, openminded person,I love culture, cinema, art, sports and good food and...

    in Roommates New York, 2 years ago

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