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  • Place

    Parque del Buen Retiro (Retiro Park)

    You are in Madrid and want to go for a stroll? Buen Retiro park should be on top of your list for a stroll. It's the most famous park in Madrid. Of course it would be pretty busy during weekends, families and friends go for walks in the park while street musicians,...

  • Place

    Ali Baba Palace

    5 months till summer! Where to go? Well, it's a fact there's nothing better than spending summer in Hurghada. Russians, Germans and Polish fill up the place and never get enough of it. They keep coming back every summer, even in the winter! So my destination at summer...

  • Experience

    Experience in Milano, Italy by Hadil

    What is it like to live in Milan? Would you recommend it? What is the city like? I wouldn't Live in Milano , I would go spend Christmas or just for a short vacation. Milan is bit 'grey' as i might call it. I guess maybe because Italians Have different lifestyle than...

  • Place


    Rome, a land of enticing artefacts, original paintings, endless gelato and pasta! Let's get this straight... you can't leave Rome without visiting Vatican City! It can be a bit difficult to get to Vatican city from the centre of Rome, we woke up early and after a small...

  • Place

    Milan Cathedral

    Where should we spend Christmas this year? The first country that came to mind was Italy! And thus, Christmas 2011 was the best christmas I have ever got to spend with my family. There was a lot to see in Italy, but the time was too short to see everything. Our first...

  • Place

    Aegina Island

    My feelings of wanderlust made my feet itchy to travel and explore the world. I want to make memories at destinations I was unaware of. So last July my heart took me to Athens, 'The City of Gods' as we all know it. There's this picturesque beauty about Athens that got...

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