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Ali Baba Palace

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Ali Baba Palace!

Published by Hadil Maher — 6 years ago

5 months till summer! Where to go? Well, it's a fact there's nothing better than spending summer in Hurghada. Russians, Germans and Polish fill up the place and never get enough of it. They keep coming back every summer, even in the winter! So my destination at summer would be 'Ali Baba Palace', a four stars hotel only 20 mins away from Hurghada Airport.


And this is your entrance to heaven. Endless fun and a relaxing atmosphere are waiting for you inside! There's always something to do at every moment of the day, not for one second you'll feel like 'ohh pfft what do i do now'! And guess what? There's always food and drinks available at all hours of the day. My tummy never complains of hunger, I was always so full but I couldn't resist the delicious food.



Here you can see the lobby at different times of the day. The first one is early in the morning at about 10am and the second is at about 8pm. The second pic was my first visit to the hotel, and it was the beggining of many awesome summers to come, because I kept going back and never had enough. The hotel is designed to make your stay as convenient and cozy as possible. You could always feel like home. Public areas feature a variety of seating, such as wing-backed chairs and curved couches, also comfy and private areas to lounge or have a meeting. The lobby also has potted palms and marble floors that reflect the luxiorious lobby. In the first floor of the lobby there's a kid's club for kids from 4 to 12 years to enjoy their time watching cartoon, colouring or doing activities with the animation team. The schedule is: 10. 00 to 12. 30 and 14. 30 to 17. 00.



More pictures from my first visit. You could see the beautiful design of the glass ceiling designed with geometric shapes in mainly turquoise and green colours. Moreover, we see the style of the hotel, a bit of the Italian balcony design along with the vintage style wall scones.


Don't miss out on ice skating! And of course bowling! I think it's a good idea for spending Sunday morning as the animation team has a day off.


Here's a sneak peak of one of the three restaurants in the hotel, the 'Oriental Restaurant'. The restaurant offer a big selection of food and starters, and the decoration of the restaurant is fantastic. You can check the website for the schedule of lunch and breakfast and dinner and any other details you would need.


When checking in, each person gets a plastic bracelet that proves you are staying at the hotel. You also get a card that you exchange for a towel from the towel centre at the poolside or beach, and you're handed the card back when you return the towel. Here's the picture of one of the biggest outdoor swimming pools in Hurghada. Also there's a children's pool and on the right side there's a children's playground. The pool isn't always warm but the sun is always shining down on you.


I fogot to mention that the 'Main Restaurant' has a view of this side of the pool. In the morning you can eat and watch the kids splashing the water and their laughs filling the atmosphere. During the morning there are various activities organised by the animation team at the pool side, such as waterpolo, belly dancing, even water aerobics, pingpong and darts.


Once again, a picture of my first visit to the hotel with this awesome view. Waking up to the sun shining through the curtains and when you go to the balcony seeing its looks upon trees and pink roses and you could feel the warm air rushing against you. What a beautiful view accompanied by an amazing feeling!


I can't forget to mention the building with a sauna and an indoor swimming pool with very warm water. They also offer massages with a very small fee. There's a hairdresser that does a variety of hair braids. Here you could see the gym. Well, the amount of food you eat every day at the hotel requires a lot of work at the gym! haha.



Let me take you to the beach, where you feel the hot sand between your toes and smell the scent of the sea and the fresh sea air. The atmosphere is perfect to take a sunbed at shore and just lay on your sunbed listening to music in your headphones and feeling the warm air against your body. Hey! Don't get caught up in this for long, don't forget to join the animation team to do yoga and beach volleyball and one of the games played back in Ancient Italy 'Bocci'.


Riding a camel at 3pm wasn't the best idea... The sun was like a sharp spear down on me, but I did something different, it was an exciting experience. Let me admit I was a bit scared to fall off haah!. So a piece of advice: ride a camel early in the morning when the sun has just come up.

Don't go to sleep before spending your night at the Blackout discotheque. Dance your problems away and listen to the music blaring and watch the multicolored flashing lights on the dance floor and enjoy the long lit up bar. Until 23:00 kids are allowed in the discotheque, but after that it's only adults.

Enjoy your stay at Ali Baba Palace!

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