Warsaw top places:)

1. Warsaw Uprising Museum "The museum is a tribute to the inhabitants of Warsaw, those who are fighting for survival." The exhibition presents the struggles and everyday life during the Uprising. The uprising is presented, including the post-war years of the communist regime and the fate of insurgents in the PRL. " The museum is very modern and interactive. You can find yourself here in many places about Warsaw, not so much about its tragic war history.

2. Palace of Culture and Science "This does not apply, this is the center of the city." Built by Joseph Stalin, "hated and ridiculed by Poles for several decades" This is a great place and apply the way to get there.

3. Old Town in Warsaw "The Old Town in Warsaw was founded in the 13th century. During the Polish invasion (1939), a significant part of the district was severely damaged by the German Luftwaffe, qui Targeted cities, residential areas and monuments in the order of terrorism bombing. After World War II, the old town was carefully rebuilt. the old city is not in the center of Warsaw's social or business life and it is not as old as other reviews the old town is like in Krakow or Wroclaw the gates are still very interesting because it is the history of events from Warsaw " I hope to help your Warsaw DMC journey to an explosion.

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