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The city of Varsovia.

Warsaw is a very nice and calm place. It doesn't have a lot of tourist attractions but it's a very nice place to live. It's quiet and the people are friendly. It has a nice party seen and you can easily make friends here.

The food here is good and you can always find meals close to home with the different international restaurants.

The housing is expensive and hard to find(especially in major cities and in the months before school) but the places to live are standard.

Transport is cheap and good. And as long as you have a transport card you can go anywhere in Warsaw. 

Centrum is the place to be, from high-brand shops to museums and the best places to party. The nights in Centrum are wild and your bound to have fun as long as your pockets aren't empty.

Studying in Warsaw is very nice. And most colleges are highly recommended and are fully integrated into developing great people.

And if you ever need help or a friend, my Instagram account is Pearly_xx1. You can contact me and please follow

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