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My Erasmus Experience in Warsaw, Poland by Jeremy

Why did you choose to go to Warsaw, Poland?

I really wanted to do a work internship abroad, and then my prayers were answered when I got offered an internship in Warsaw from out of nowhere!

How long's your stay? What financial aid do you receive?

5 months. I receive 350€ plus travel expenses up to 350€.


What's the student vibe like in Warsaw?

Awesome, there's lots of Erasmus students, from all different nationalities!

Would you recommend the city or university to other students?

Yes and no. The city itself isn't fantastic unfortunately; everything was destroyed during the war but they work hard, and life goes on there. There's a cool vibe.

What's Poland's food like?

Super. There's plenty of restaurants which serve really good specialities at really affordable prices; four of you can share a platter which is not only filling but also only costs 5 euros per person. Even going to a fancy restaurant only costs around thirty euros per person!


Zapiecek is a big restaurant chain that serves typical Polish food and lots of specialities, the waiters wear traditional uniforms, and it's really cheap for a good meal.

Was it hard to find accommodation in Warsaw?

It's generally quite easy, I was lodging. Websites like Airbnb are used quite a bit in Poland. People are really welcoming in the cities, so what are you waiting for?

What are living costs like in Warsaw?

I was eating for 3€ a day! So here in France, a sandwich from a bakery is practically 5€, and there in the city bakery (at Kino Femina, for those who know it) cost 5 PLN which is just over 1€!

What's it like learning the language there? Did you take part in a language course organised by the university?

I didn't take a Polish language course but those that did were happy. It's a less difficult language to learn and understand than you might think!

What's the most economical way to get to Warsaw from your home town?

The most economical way is by using one of the low cost airlines with highly-competitive prices- the majority leave from most big cities! After that, driving is a good alternative as you'll have more independence and an easy means of travel once you're there.

Where do you recommend to go out in Warsaw?

There's many places which all have so many things for all different tastes so I don't have one specific place to say.

And to eat in Warsaw? What are your favourite places?

As I said before, my favourite is the chain Zapiecek! Alternatively, people often like inviting you over theirs for food!


And what cultural places do you recommend going to see?

You have to see the old town and specifically its castle and tunnels, without a doubt.


I'd suggest renting a car to go visit Gdansk, Poland's beach resort. 'Sixt' offers the best prices and are the only company to accept drivers under 21 years old. If you like history, then you should go visit Krakow. Both cities are easily accessible by train. For a breath of fresh air, big lakes, and maybe a few bug bites too, visit Mazury and the natural Białowieża Forest on the border. It's worth the drive even just to get lost in your car on unknown roads that even your GPS can't find!

Any advice for future students going to Warsaw?

Yes one... take all types of clothes! Literally, all types! The weather changes from one extreme to the other! So, fill your suitcase and get going!

It was an amazing experience for me being in a country that for many people, perhaps isn't the first obvious choice to go to.

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