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Experience in Warsaw, Poland by Peerawit

What is it like to live in Warsaw? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

Very pleasant. Though the city is quite big but very tranquille. The city looks different in each district, old town, modernised business areas and silent living areas. Shops are at reach and with help of well-connecting transportation. There are many parks and trees. The city is really green. The weather is really pleasant, except Winter time that could pose some smog crisis. People could appear to be fierce to you with their emotionless face, but actually I found Polish people really nice and helpful. And they can speak good English.

What is the student lifestyle like in Warsaw?

Very convenient. I think it is a city that very well support students, for example, you can show your student cards and get discounts in many places. I paid 1 zloty to get in to National Museum and got 50% discount to public monthly transport card. There are cheap bars to chill out.

How much does it cost to live in Warsaw?

The living cost in Warsaw is really cheap and affordable, though it is the capital city. A big glass of beer only costs 2 euros. Grocery is super cheap, especially if bought from big providers like Auchan. Transportation is super cheap, I paid only 55 plz for monthly travel card.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Warsaw? Is there any advice you can give?

My Polish friends were responsible for finding me a house, so I cannot answer to this question.

What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

I am an Asian (from Thailand) and I found Polish food really tasty and enjoyable. It is really tasty and flavourful. And what impressed me is that some of them actually look like Chinese food such as Pierogi and Noodle menu. My favourite food is Goulasz and I love it poured on top of a crispy potatoes pancake.

What places would you recommend visiting in Warsaw?

My favourite hangouts usually took place around the Vistula River. There are places to sit around and chill with your beer and snacks. (In Poland, it is illegal to drink in public but nearby the river is an exception) The wind is chilling there and there were occasional market too and some activities to watch. And I also recommend Lazienki park, it is a very big park with pleasant forest and fields for picnics and you can assist Chopin Piano Concert there too. (I think I was on every Sunday. But you have to check)

Is it good to eat out in Warsaw? Can you tell us your favourite spots?

I always eat out at the River side. There are many spots there to sit and enjoy your foods with your friend. Also, the Lazienki park is cool too.

Is the nightlife good in Warsaw? Where is good to go?

There are many cool bars and club with cheap beers and especially fancy voka shots. They have a lot of their amazing vodka mixings. For clubs, I think there are some nice ones around the Centrum area. My favourite is Glam, it is LGBT friendly club, but actually I saw some heterosexuals too.

What advice would you give future students heading to Warsaw?

I think it is a very nice city for student. I mean Poland is a country rich in culture and I think it has many up-to-standard schools with affordable tuition fees too. Dormitory is super cheap. And don't worry about food or transportation because it is super cheap too. There are good bookstores, even English ones. And there are public libraries to visit too. Warsaw has a lot of Museum since history of the city and Poland is really outstanding. I think it is a really good city for students who want to study history.

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