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Erasmus in Warsaw 2018-2019

Published by Luca F

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Warsaw is an amazing city! Full of life, colours from lights and skyscrapers and worldwide students.


Compared to other European capitals it's pretty cheap (I was living in a dorm, double room, and my rent was about 110€).

My host university was the Uniwersytet Warszawski. Professors were really good and helpful and the quality of the teachings high, even if I personally had to study a lot due to some difficult subjects of my faculty (Economic Sciences).

Warsaw is also full of places where to party! The most famous Erasmus locals are Teatro Cubano (especially on Monday) and Klub Park on Wednesday. But in general, you can find parties every day.

So yeah, if you have the chance to spend your Erasmus in Warsaw just do it, you'll never regret it!


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