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Daily adventure

It's me, Margaux. I am 21 years old and I am a Communications student. Last year, thanks to my IUT, I went to Erasmus to do my bachelor's degree for a school year. Yes indeed, did you say “an Erasmus year? " Wow what an opportunity! Sun, Friends, Parties, no lessons. You see it all like the very famous Spanish hostel movie, but it was a little different, I do not have it again, but on the 24th of August I went to Finland. Yes, after eight months there, I can swear to you that there are inhabitants between two piles of snow. a school year in the small town of Vaasa in north-western Finland, near Sweden, it's a very small town (as everywhere else in Finland) and most people are students.

Daily adventure

The country of Nature

Finland is above all the country of nature, large greenery, the Great Lakes region and ideal for hikers or mountain bikers. In winter, the most passionate mountain people can go cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding and many other activities. For the less adventurous, you can opt for sledging, a simple walk or a swim in the frozen sea of very beautiful memories

You will have the opportunity to taste culinary specialities such as reindeer or moose. It's also an opportunity to have the craziest experiences like rolling in the snow after a sauna or swimming in the Arctic Ocean in the middle of winter. Finland is especially the country of Santa Claus! Eh yes enough to make more than one dream come true! You can finally meet him, which will allow you to live your childhood dream. Despite his false beard (sorry if you still believe in him) he is still very nice. His reindeer like Rudolph will also be there!

Daily adventure

A pathway to Europe

Finland is part of Europe and is very connected with its neighbours. You can easily visit many European capitals and they are totally different from each other such as: Helsinki, Stockholm, Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga, Copenhagen and many others. You can even participate in a Helsinki-Stockholm cruise with more than 2, 000 students on the same boat. I'll let you imagine that!


The unforgettable

You can also stop in the Norwegian fjords or in Lapland. Many small villages will interest the adventurers and dreamers of new lands. One thing you should not miss is the Aurora Borealis, a magic show that you can see in Norway in Lapland and even in Vaasa.

Daily adventure


All these trips can be made with your adventurous companions in small cottages all cute as each other. Very close to Russia so that you can also easily visit the city of Empress Anastasia or go to Moscow.

Daily adventure


Yes, Finland is not the hottest country to do Erasmus (far from it, so buy a winter jacket) but this country is less common unlike an Erasmus in Spain and offers the opportunity to enjoy the little things of life. More time to get loose! Put on your fleece with your passport in your pocket and head north. Discover an experience that you are not going to forget.

Näkemiin. (Goodbye!)

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