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Erasmus blog Thessaloniki

  • A day trip around Thessaloniki

    As part of our trip to Greece, me and my friends decided to visit the city of Thessaloniki, which was one of the most ancient cities in Greece. It was found around the third century before the birth of Christ by Kind Cassander of Macedon and was named after his wife...

    0 by Alexandrina, 3 years ago
  • Thessaloniki to enjoy

    Thessaloniki is a really beautiful city. It's the second larest city in Greece and the second capital. It's north in Greece and near Chalkidiki. In this small talk ,and since Valentine's day is around the corner , if you are already here or you plan to visit there is ...

    0 by Thomina, 4 years ago
  • Useful guide for Thessaloniki

    Because I have a Greek father I'm quite familiar with Greece, and one of my favorite cities in Greece is Thessaloniki. I thought it would be fun to share some information with you about this city. It is the second biggest city of the country after Athens. It's also a...

    0 by Sil, 5 years ago
  • When in Thessaloniki...

    Thessaloniki: the city you can fall in love with. Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece. It is situated in the North of Greece. It's really popular for students because it has many universities but it's also a great destination for holidays as it has many...

    0 by Katerina, 6 years ago
  • Salonica

    Thessaloniki, the most beautiful place in the world. A place where you can live,study,fall in love,dream,make friends, visit the most outstanding islands in the whole world. Where should I begin with ? From the city on its own, from the Greeks leaving there, from the...

    0 by Χριστίνα, 6 years ago
  • Greece

    Holidays! What can be more beautiful than happy children, blue and green sea, fruits and sun! I never before been in Greece, but when I find out some pictures of sea I really fall in love. And the flight tickets was cheap, exams have been passed and poсkets money have...

    0 by Karyna, 6 years ago
  • Bougatsa

    The perfect breakfast along with a bottle of cocoa! (Source) In Thessaloniki the most famous breakfast pastry is "Bougatsa". You can find Bougatsa in every neighbourhood and in many variations. Bougatsa is orinally from Serres, a town in the Central Macedonia region in...

    0 by Elisavet, 7 years ago
  • Traditional Baklava

    So, you invite some friends over to your place for dinner and you want to make them something different, dellicious and extravagant! If you have time you should totally try this recipe to blow their mind! Baklavas is a buttery, very rich in flavour pastry which is...

    1 by Elisavet, 7 years ago
  • Greek Tzatziki recipe

    The sauce called Tzatziki is one of the most traditional dips in the Greek cuisine. It is very tasty and refreshing, the best combination for your sandwiches and all kind of fried food as potatoes, zucchini or just as a starter along with a slice of bread. You will need...

    0 by Elisavet, 7 years ago
  • Greek Mousaka recipe

    Mousaka is a well-known greek dish, you need to try it once you come to Greece. Or you can do it all by yourself! Take a piece of paper, a pencil and you are almost ready! ho ho ho This is the recipe for five to six person. It will take you only one hour and thirty...

    0 by Elisavet, 7 years ago
  • Post-Erasmus depression mode: ON

    And you wake up one day and you think everything was a dream… An amazing dream but still, just a dream… The city, the friends, the trips, the parties. Everything happened while you slept… So you get up to face reality as every day and instead, you come across a...

    4 by Olga, 9 years ago

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