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Thessaloniki to enjoy

Thessaloniki is a really beautiful city. It's the second larest city in Greece and the second capital. It's north in Greece and near Chalkidiki. In this small talk ,and since Valentine's day is around the corner , if you are already here or you plan to visit there is  way to have a really nice strall throughout the day.

I would suggest by starting the day with a walk by  the seaside. If the weather is warm , you can start with a Freddo espresso in any of the cafeteria's that have tables who kiss the sun. If the wather is warm , you can take one of the boats and have your coffee by exploring the seaside Thessaloniki. 

Enjoy the sun and the view. If you are about to get hungry , then you should consider grabbing a bite.

In Nikis boulevard there are plenty of options If you're up for Italian or Meditteranean food , or you would love something more international , then don't worry ! All of the options are great quality food. If you even reach Aristotelous square , you can choose between T.G.I. Fridays  , Savvikos Or Gyros of Aristotelous. There are also more small shops  around the streets that offer quality food for any taste.

As long you want something sweet, you can choose Tsoureki from Terkenlis , or  ice cream from FREGIO . There is no way regreting choosing anything from these two places. 

Furthermore , if the time goes by and you need to catch a more romantic aura with some wine then I have to suggest two different options. 

The first one , comes from Aristotelous square above the Olympion. The place is called Domatio me Thea  (aka Room with View) , and you can have a warm atmosphere where you can have some wine by watching the sea view outside. 

The second proposal , comes directly from the Old city.  I suggest to walk among the graphic streets , embrace the inner peace they provide and search for the bar CASTRA . There , you can anjoy the view of the night city. The city can be enjoyed from above , with all the night lights and the noght sky. This place has candle lights , warm stuff and you can have a quiet nght with some music playing in the background. Totaly romantic and a must! You can even visit in the morning , for a really breathtaking morning view! 

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