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  • Real Alcázar

    To say that Seville is a charming city would be an understatement. In my eyes, it is the jewel of Andalusia. And for this reason... Seville dazzles... Seville amazes... Seville marvels...! I could write hundreds of lines to promote its worth but I'll let you judge for...

    0 by Samantha, 4 years ago
  • "Plaza de España"

    A "roadtrip", as the youth of today would call it, to Andalusia in order to finally see Seville. This magnificent city flaunts beautiful monuments and architecture which suit it to perfection. The first stop of the early evening is, below a still blue sky, the most well...

    0 by Emma, 5 years ago
  • Real Alcázar

    Alcázar of Seville, Spain The Real Alcázar which is one of the best example for Mudéjar architecture, is located near the Cathedral in Seville, Spain. Originally, it was built by the Moorish Muslim king. This place was named as UNESCO world heritage in 1987. During...

    0 by Crazy, 5 years ago
  • Plaza de España

    Plaza de España, Seville This is an important tourist destination in Seville, Spain which has been famous for its architecture and the history. My origin is from a south Asian country. So, I am familiar with ancient architectural designs and palace which have been...

    0 by Crazy, 5 years ago
  • "Aire de Sevilla"

    In the section "I was there", the ARAB BATHS of Seville, old jewellery brought up to date. Hammam, massage baths, hot/cold/warm or salt-watered swimming pools, massages, etc. 24 € for the "basic pack": access to everything except massages for 2 hours (and it is better...

    0 by Pauline, 5 years ago
  • Park de Maria Luisa

    Park de Maria Luisa is the one of the best parks in Sevilla. I was passing it by every day, cause it was on my way to work. It was given to the city by The infant Maria Luisa de Borbon. It was rebuild in a french style in 1929 beacuse of an Iberoamerican Exhibistio,...

    0 by Magdalena, 6 years ago
  • Metropol Parasol

    Metropol Parasol I have just came back from Metropol Parasol located in Sevilla. This one is an interesting place for you if you drop by Sevilla by any chance. This place is said to be the largest wooden place all over the world which was designed by a German in...

    0 by Mia , 8 years ago
  • Ruta cultural por Sevilla, "A un paso de la Sevilla Legendaria"

         "SEVILLA LEGENDARIA Y UNIVERSAL"  Offers you the opportunity to get to know the most mysterious part of Seville, laden with stories and legends. A stroll through time which will transfer you to another era. “One step from legendary Seville 1” is a four hour...

    0 by Rafael, 8 years ago
  • Centro

    Seville- it is a must! I don’t even know how to describe Seville. I have seen just a few of its beauty but it was enough to convince me that I have to come back again some day. It is a big and wonderful town and you have to stay there 3 or 4 days and see everything in...

    0 by Patricia, 8 years ago
  • La Casa de la Ciencia

    If you crave some intellectual experience in Sevilla I would like to suggest you to visit La Casa de la Ciencia. It is a Science Museum with 3 permanent exhibitions of cetaceans, invertebrates and minerals. Another suggestion would also be to take a guided tour as you...

    0 by Anna, 9 years ago
  • Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla

    Weather in favor of bullfights or not it is worth to watch one... they will be prohibited in near future anyway, so don't be shy have a look at it if you got the chance to... the excitement during the first quarter hour is amazing and already worth every dime, just...

    0 by Max, 9 years ago
  • La Giralda

    The Cathedral as well as the tower that belongs with it forms the 3rd biggest Cathedral worldwide, only St. Pauls and the Petersdom are bigger. Nowadays it is only used as tourist attraction, there are guided visits which show you where Columbus as well as his son were...

    0 by Max, 9 years ago

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