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Erasmus blog Seoul

  • Seoul - South Korea

    What to say about Seoul? Nothing other than the fact that it’s probably the best place that I have visited! I’ll elaborate a bit. Despite our late arrival, our hostel was super easy to find and much more organised than the disaster in HK. Cafes and Murals Day 1...

    0 by Linzi, 2 months ago
  • The city of soul, Seoul

    Helloooo! I'm here to introduce about my city, Seoul! The reason why I'm going to tell you. because I think the culture of South Korea is a new trend in the world! Don't you think so? The fact that now I can feel very well is that most of foreingers get interested in...

    0 by 다경, one year ago
  • Flirting in Korea / Korean 1

    Source It seems that Korean is catching the interest of our radio listeners, who have already sent me requests! This is great! The first request... didn't surprise me at all! They asked for flirting phrases! And at the end of the day, the tone of the ErasmusU vibe is...

    0 by Michael, one year ago
  • 0 by Borja, 7 years ago
  • Hot food

    The small dish with pickles and the yellow thing (I dont know what is! ) they will tend to accompany every dish, in many places. More info about Red Station here.

    0 by Borja, 7 years ago
  • 0 by Borja, 7 years ago
  • Miniature Theme Park

    If you go to the island, you'll want visit this park.

    0 by Borja, 7 years ago
  • Dining hall of The University of Seoul

    The important thing about timetable is that close between 6-7 pm, so forget dinner at Spanish time, and doesnt open on Sundays.

    0 by Borja, 7 years ago
  • Dormitory of The University of Seoul

    Here I present which was my home for my stay in Seoul. The University of Seoul have a residence available for international students, which is within the campus, you can see the entrance in the picture, after climbing these stairs. I am going to give some information...

    0 by Borja, 7 years ago
  • The University of Seoul

    There is a Dormitory is very cheap, it have gym inside, ande the price is something more than 300€ for four months, but you should know that girls and guys are separated, and is absolutly forbidden go to the others zones. Inside there are a minimarket, a informatic...

    0 by Borja, 7 years ago

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