The city of Seoul, Seoul


I'm here to introduce about my city, Seoul!

The reason why I'm going to tell you is because I think the culture of South Korea is a new trend in the world! Don't you think so?

I have noticed that most foreingers get interested in things about South Korea. You know K-pop, food, fashion, cafes, restaurants, and K-makeup, etc. So I'm going to tell you about the newest trend and what are the hippest things or places in Seoul right now!

Okay, the first thing is "a town", called Mang-won dong, Ma-po gu, Seoul. This town is very close to Hongdae, which is a very popular quarter in Seoul. (I'll post about Hongdae soon! ) This place is kind of a small town, you can find new and very hip cafes, restaurants and bars.

CAFE : 종이다방 (Papercompany), 서울 마포구 포은로 105

I think this place is a very trendy style cafe at this moment. I like the interior and the atmophere. And also the drinks and cakes.




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