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Flirting in Korean 2. The language

In reality, I didn't post anything about flirting in the other post, I will leave something for you, and in this way I can fulfil my promise!

For the boys!

You can call girls beautiful, it is the only thing that comes to my mind if you want a Korean girl to become interested in you!

-IEPOYO! (pretty, beautiful)

For the girls!

Korean girls are sweet, sensitive, shy, very innocent and somewhat childish. They are expected to be like this, then they have a dark side, and in this way KOREA IS DISNEYLAND!

Girls tend to call their boyfriends OPPA, meaning older brother, and it is also used for older brothers or friends, but the latter must consent to you referring to them like that. In the programme you can listen to the tone, it is very important.

Korean girls are always asking their OPPAS for things, and they have the responsibility to make them happy and solve all their cravings (some of them take advantage of this and a lot). Therefore, girls who want to ask for something should say

- OPPA! ICE CREAM CHUSEYO! (OPPA I want an ice cream, give me an ice cream)

If you use the correct intonation and have a facial expression of the cat from Shrek, you will obtain everything that you ask for!

Boys refer to their girlfriends by their names, or a loving nickname.

As you know, if you try to say something directly to a Korean girl: let's go to my house, I want something with you, etc. It is better that you say it in English because in Korean, nothing like that exists. At most, and being good, you can say to them, let's go home together. But it could be that what they understand is that you are accompanying them home or that you want to drink something together, a Korean boy NEVER touches you during the first few dates!

- CHIBE KACHI KALKOYA! (let's go home together)

- NE CHIBE KACHI KALKOYA! (let's go to my house)

If you want to ask for a kiss, something like a small kiss, you can do it like this:

- POPO CHUSEYO! (give me a kiss)

- POPOHE! (kiss me! This is a bit more passionate)

- KISS HE! (kiss me! Here they could give a kiss even with the tongue!)

If we want to say that we like it, we can say to him:

- CHOAHE (chaoheyo) (I like you)

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