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Praça da Sé

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In the middle of the biggest city

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — one year ago

Una piazza nel centro della città


São Paulo isn't just a bussiness city, it's also an historic place for Brazil. You can find great part of that history in Praça da Sé (or Sé Square, in English).

Once you're there you'll find a big and gotic Church. This is São Paulo's Cathedral, Sé. It was built in the 20th century but it represents a catholic community that went to São Paulo in 1530.

Around the cathedral you will find many other historic places, such as Pateo do Colégio, Largo São Francisco and much more. It's the central neighbourhood of São Paulo, where the city began, a very beautiful and cosmopolitan place.

But when you go there, beware of the pickpockets!

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