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  • Pitico Bar

    The Pitico is known as a casual pub. The venue is at one of the most charming street of Pinheiros region, the pub has food and the chairs are spread over 5 containers. It is an excellent choice for Friday and Saturday nights. Kebab and beer are the most traditional and...

    0 by Tarcio, in Cafe, cocktail, beer São Paulo, 2 months ago
  • Museu de Arte Contemporânea

    Brazil is not only about nature and samba, like most people think. São Paulo is a great example of the cultural diversity in the country - the biggest city in South America proves that brazilian culture is all about industry and metropolis as well. Besides that, Brazil...

    0 by Ethel, in What to see São Paulo, one year ago
  • Beco do Batman

    São Paulo is known to be the biggest metropolis in South America and it has even been ellected as one of the uglyiest city in the world. I personally think that people who say that didn't get to know the city very well. Besides the big buildings (which also have its...

    0 by Ethel, in What to see São Paulo, one year ago
  • Praça da Sé

    Source São Paulo isn't just a bussiness city, it's also an historic place for Brazil. You can find great part of that history in Praça da Sé (or Sé Square, in English). Once you're there you'll find a big and gotic Church. This is São Paulo's Cathedral, Sé. It...

    0 by Ethel, in What to see São Paulo, one year ago
  • Parque Ibirapuera

    The most famous park in the city of São Paulo is a must see if you go there. As a tourist or as a resident, it's the best place to be in contact with nature in the biggest city of South America. Go for a walk, ride a bike, play football, do sports, enjoy an art...

    0 by Ethel, in What to do São Paulo, one year ago

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