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Beco do Batman

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Color in the big grey city

Published by Ethel Rudnitzki — one year ago

São Paulo is known to be the biggest metropolis in South America and it has even been ellected as one of the uglyiest city in the world. I personally think that people who say that didn't get to know the city very well.

Color in the big grey city

Besides the big buildings (which also have its beauty) and avenues, São Paulo has some colorful spots, such as Ibirapuera Park - that I talked about in this post. Beco do Batman is another place like that. It is not natural, but it is a very nice place to visit to escape the metropolitan life.

A hole street filled with grafitti walls and art galleries in the middle of one of the most bohemian neighbourhoods in the city: Vila Madalena. That's what Beco do Batman is about - colours and art!

Color in the big grey city

What to do

Take your time taking pictures, walking around and visiting the little art galleries there - you can find nice souvenirs to buy such as urban art paintings, cool clothes or even scuptures.

Color in the big grey city

What to eat

Also, if you're hungry, there are many restaurants and pubs around that serve feijoada, typical brazilian dish, on saturdays during lunch. And you can have caipirinhas any time of the day.

Color in the big grey city

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