My trip to Salzburg in Easter 2019

My trip to Salzburg in Easter 2019

Hello again everyone! Today, I want to continue on with the theme of Austria which started in the previous competition, where you have a lot of information about the capital, incredible places in nature or the most important cities like Graz or Linz.

In the same way, I liked this city so much that I decided to go back to visit it again in April 2019, since it fit in really well with our route around Austria, as well as the fact that none of my friends nor Angel had visited it. Of course we weren't there as much time as I was there the first time I went, we were only there a day, which is enough time to see the essential things. Even though I had already visited this city before in summer, visiting it in Spring was a different way of seeing it, with so many colours and joy in the streets, which is really well reflected in the photographs that I left you down below. I hope that you like them and let's get started!

Mi viaje a Salzburgo en Pascua 2019


We decided to stay in a hostel called YoHo Hostel. Our friend Clara had a discount in this hostel because it belongs to a kind of chain of hostels in Europe which are in several cities. To be honest, I don; t remember the exact price but I know that it was very cheap, considering the general prices of accommodation in Austria. Normally, for any hostel with a shared room with 5 people or more, you pay about 20 to 25 euros per night.

I only have good comments about this hostel. You have a basic breakfast for free: coffee, tea and toast with butter and marmalade. You also have the option of a Premium breakfast that was very complete: different types of fruti, vegetables, as well as cheeses, cereals, coffee, tea... They even had soya milk, they thought about everything! I think that the Premium breakfast cost 4 euros, but we were able to have it for free because our friend Clara, as I have already told you, had this special deal. In the end, in terms of quality-price, it was incredibly cheap.

We slept in a room with 6 individual beds and we shared the shower and the bathroom with the rest of the floor. To spend a night, it was great, honestly. Also, the location of the hostel was perfect because it was a 10 minute walk from Mirabell, one of the most famous attractions in the city.

Something of interest, the hostel offered a free Apple Strudel shot to each guest and they also put on the famous film The Sound of Music every day at 6 pm, for anyone who fancied watching it. You already know that they filled numerous scenes of the film in the city of Salzburg.

What we visited

Palace and Mirabell gardens

The first time that I visited these gardens was in summer and there weren't as many flowers. Luckily, when I visited Salzburg with my friends it was the middle of summer so the gardens were beautiful with lots of flowers in different colours, as you can see in the photos. It was here where I met up with my Austrian friend again, Lydia, who gave us a tourist tour around the city. Is there anything busy than visiting somewhere with a local?

Mi viaje a Salzburgo en Pascua 2019

These gardens are really famous and they are always full with people. It is one of the places with the most charm in the city, also, from here you can see the waterfak of Salzburg from below and a bit of the cathedral. The wateralls decorate all these gardens, so it is nice to go for a walk, sit down and relax or read a book there. We also saw the Orangerie, where they grow different types of plants.

Fortaleza Hohensalzburg

After we went up towards the fort, from which you can see the cathedral, as well as great views of the whole city. We didn't go inside because you had to pay and we didn't really fancy it, with the views we already had. You can go up to the top in two different ways: by foot or by cable car. My advice is that you go up by foot because the funicular is quite expensive and to be honest, the journey up to the top is not too tiring, and it is quite entertaining and pretty as whilst you go up, you discover different parts of the city.

Mi viaje a Salzburgo en Pascua 2019


This is the most commercial and famous street in the city. Here you can find all of the boutique shops, very expensive and luxurious, although there are also accessible shops such as Zara or H and M. There are also some strange shops with typical Austrian outfits, in the zone of Tirol and lots of ice cream shops. The price of the ice creams suprised us, they were really cheap and a lot cheaper that in Bratislava, from where we came from, so we couldn't resist one and...

Mi viaje a Salzburgo en Pascua 2019

Just here is the birht house of Mozart which is eyecatching due to its yellow-egg colour. Not even my friend, who is from Salzburg, had gone inside here in her whole life so we weren't that interested as going in, since as you well know, Mozart spent most of his life if Vienna, not here. What caught our attention is that in the lower part of the house there is a SPAR supermarket which is very strange, since from outside it looks very luxurious, with gold walls and decorations.

In Getreidegasse, there are also lots of landscapes which are worth exploring. I remembered one that I had really liked a lot so we decided to go there again. There were cafes, quite cheap restaurants (where you can try typical Austrian food) and a florist. I'll leave you the photo. Without a doubt, despite the fact that this street is full of people, it is one of my favourite parts of the city. It's a must see.

Mi viaje a Salzburgo en Pascua 2019

Salzburg Cathedral.

After, we went towards the cathedral, where I had been on a Sunday because they had given a classical music concert at mass on Sunday. We entered and we were admiring the organ, which is quite big. Also, all the paintings there were beautiful. Outside of the cathedral, there are several historical museums, as well as a typical square with a fountain where there are carriages and horses, where the tourists go to go round Salzburg on horse. On a street which was connected to this square, there were very cute little shops. One of them caught our attention since they exclusively sold painted Easter eggs. They had an infinite amount of them. We didn't know if it was a coincidence because when we visited the city it was Ewaster, of if this is what they sold all the time. They were all very interesting, some were chicken eggs painted and drawn to the finest detail. Also, when you get to the end of the shop, which was quite big, you come to a door with an exit to a balcony, from which you could see the river and the people walking below. This was very interesting and I still remember it perfectly.

Mi viaje a Salzburgo en Pascua 2019

Walking along the bridges

Finally, in my opinion, one of the best parts of the city id the route which goes around the Salzach river which connects the two parts of the city of Salzburg through different bridges. In one of them there are lots of locks, symbols of love which couples attach to this bridge. From here, there are interesting views of lots of different historic monuments in the city, where there was predominately an off-white colour, what gave a homogenic aspect to the city. Along the river bank, theere are green areas to lay down and sunbathe. The atmoshpere was very attractive. There were different groups of young people who leave their bikes to the side and enjoy the last rays of sun of the day with some beers.

Mi viaje a Salzburgo en Pascua 2019

We wanted to have a coffee in some of the cafes that were there, but they were either full or excessively expensive so we decide to keep looking on the other side of the city, which we still hadn't seen. Finally, we came across a cafe called Cafe Mozart or something like that, with a very interesting garden round the back. We had a cappuccino, a tea and an apple struddel, a typical Austrian dessert with apples. It is so good! After, we felt hungry so we went to have dinner. We then went to L'Osteria, but I am going to save the details for another post, where I will put down all of the restaurants that we tried during this trip through Austria.

And this is everything that I want to tell you about this express visit, which lasted less than a day, to Salzburg. The next day we headed towards Innsbruck, after stopping at some lakes to sunbathe and have a dip. From there, Austria had a lot to offer, as much culturally as naturally. You will discover this in the upcoming blog entries. And I'll leave you with that, I'll see you soon and thank you for reading. Best wishes.

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