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Erasmus blog Salzburg

  • Good restaurants in Salzburg and Innsbruck

    Good restaurants in the Salzburg and Innsbruck area Hello again everyone! Today I am bringing you the last post about this trip that we took through Austria. In the previous entries, I spoke to you about very pretty cities such as Innsbruck and Salzburg; and also about...

    0 by Olivia, one year ago
  • My trip to Salzburg in Easter 2019

    My trip to Salzburg in Easter 2019 Hello again everyone! Today, I want to continue on with the theme of Austria which started in the previous competition, where you have a lot of information about the capital, incredible places in nature or the most important cities...

    0 by Olivia, one year ago
  • Salzburg ~ Refreshing and Breath-taking

    We stepped out of the train station, a few hours of relaxing train travel under our belts. Coming from the bustling and busy Vienna, we had a mysterious and beautiful view of Salzburg in our minds. The thought of taking a break from the big city for a bit of glorious...

    0 by Kaelin, 3 years ago

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