• Villa D'Este

    Tivoli is located just 30 km from the center of Rome , and by car it's a 20minute ride if there is no traffic on the road (but who am I kidding , if you have a car in Rome then you detest traffic because it makes you really angry) Anyway, it's a great opportunity for...

    0 by Paul, 6 years ago
  • Piazza Del Popolo

    This square is an extremely well-known,popular,hip place for someone to enjoy his coffee or and ice cream.There are 2 (phenomenically) identical churches in front of the square, and an obelisk with a fountain( decorated by 2 lions).It is one of the most popular squares...

    0 by Paul, 6 years ago
  • Terme Di Caracalla

    This massive structure is just 2 stops away from the metro of Circo Massimo, using the bus.It's also a 7-8 minute walk from there if you prefer to see the area.In general, it's a place that is offered even for a visit on any weekday , since it's not located away from...

    0 by Paul, 6 years ago
  • 'Forum Romanum'

    The 'Forum Romanum' is directly located next to the Colosseum and is the oldest roman forum. It is one of the major attractions in Rome and is therefore also very popular among tourists. It is a cultural sight with a lot of history. The area of the 'Forum Romanum'...

    0 by Nicole, 6 years ago
  • Collosseum

    The Collosseum is located in the heart of Rome as the city's landmark and most famous sight in Italy. The impressive sight cannot be missed while being in Rome. It is also closely located to the Forum Romanum. Based on the sights popularity among tourists a long...

    0 by Nicole, 6 years ago
  • Cascata della Mola - Close to Via Ploner

    I was willing to share with You all this place. Unfortunately there are so many hidden places in Rome which risk to be demolished to leave place to new buildings and my hope is to save at least those which are in my district. Would You ever say that...

    0 by Francesco , 6 years ago
  • Kappa Language School

    Can't enjoy fully your experience because of your lack of proficiency in Italian? Want to learn fast and while having fun? Kappa Language School is the place you want to go. A young and highly qualified staff will help you find the course which best fits your needs and...

    0 by Enrico, 7 years ago

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