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Quito, Ecuador

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Beautiful City

Published by flag-us Lauren Armstrong


Is an amazing city and there is so much to do here! Quito is the capital of Ecuador and sits at an elevation of 9350 ft. Warning: if you get altitude sickness you may have to adjust to Quito, I always get sick when I go here it's crazy! It is so highly elevated it makes my body go crazy. I usually never get altitude sickness but Quito is very high.

I recommend drinking coca tea from there to help and it taste really good! The weather in Quito is a little weird, because they are on the equator and they really don’t have a certain type of weather. It is more bi polar, it could be raining one moment then the sun may come out then overcast the rest of the day. I would say it mainly rains to overcast so it is good to dress a little bit warmer.

Quito is beautiful, abundant and surrounded by vulcanoes. If you like to hike then Quito is a great place because there are so many outdoor activities you can do on the volcanoes. There are many volcanoes in Quito such as Cotopaxi, Pichincha, and Cayambe. There are many trails on these volcanoes but you have to be an experienced climber because some are still active and the trails are hard and take days to complete trail.

Another fun thing to do is to go on the teleferico. The teleferico is very high up and is fun to go up to the top and see the view, which is spectacular. There are also some trails you can walk around and hike a little if you want. When we were there they had lamas and you could pay to get your picture taken with them wearing some countryside Ecuadorian clothes! At the base of the teleferico there is a little theme park with some rides and fun games.

Another great place to go to is Crater Lake Lodge. You can hike to the Lodge and it over looks the crater, which is now a lake. It is so beautiful and the water has the most beautiful blue color you have ever seen. Stay a night at the Lodge or go for a hike and have some lunch here or some coffee! One of my favorite things to do in Quito is to go to the Equator Intinan Museum. This museum is so fun and they give you a tour guide, ours was in English. They explain everything to you.

They have homes that the indigenous people have made and they explain to you why they live like this and how it helps them. They show their beds and how they made hammocks because anacondas come into their houses sometimes and can eat them if they sleep on the floor, or other animals as well. They explain a lot about the indigenous community and what they eat, how they dress and why they do these things. They show how big some of the animals are in the Amazon such as the spiders and butterflies. They show you how the indigenous people live and cook and how they do burials and rituals. This part is really interesting because they have shamans, which are spiritual leaders that do rituals and can them if someone is sick. They have an area where they keep guinea pigs because this is a sacred animal to them; they use the guinea pigs for rituals... and for food. They also have a lot of sculptures and totem poles.

You also do an interaction where the guide shows you what the effects are of being on the equator. It is really cool, she shows you using water and how it spins. Then you have to try to balance on a lane because there’s no gravity! You also try to put an egg on a nail and see if it will stand because there’s no gravity! I wont tell you what happened, you will have to go and find out!

Where to eat

  1. Corfu is my favorite place in Quito! It is amazing coffee shop but you can also get crepes, gelato, smoothies, bread, cakes, cookies, and so many things! They have a section with fresh bread where you can chose whatever you want. If you get a croissant to eat with your coffee you can ask them to warm it up and they will! They have a coffee dish with gelato, which is unbelievably good! There coffee is very sweet and they also put a little chocolate on the plate when you get coffee. They also have amazing crepes and you can add ice-cream if you want as well. They have places inside and outside to sit and have a coffee and a snack. This place is a must go, it is so good.
  2. Brown Sugar is another great place to get coffee. I like this place for breakfast because when it is nice outside you can sit on the patio, which is on a hill and is over looking the city. The breakfast was amazing and they make homemade smoothies, which are so good! They have many desserts and bread to take to home if you want, so please as well.
  3. La burguesa is the best burger place in Quito! The burgers are so good and you can taste freshness in every bite! The French fries are also amazing! There is always a long queue so call them to find out how long the queue is!
  4. Cyril is a coffee and chocolate shop owned by a French man. This place is amazing, when you go into, there are chocolate sculptures everywhere and depend on the season. For instance in Halloween time he usually does pumpkins and scary figures and for valentines lots of hearts, but it’s all made out of chocolate and it’s amazing! There is also a whole case of different chocolate and flavors and designs if you want to eat one there or take some home or for a gift. They have bread and cakes as well, the cakes are amazing and not only taste good but also they are designed incredible! My favorite thing is the Aztec hot chocolate.
  5. Mall El Jardin and Quicentro Shopping have restaurants as well if you want to eat there. They also have many shops!

Places to see

  1. Guayasamins house and museum is incredible to visit. Guayasamin was an artist and an activist for indigenous people. You can visit his house and his museum, which has most of his artwork. His house is beautiful and the tour guide describes all about him when you are visiting the house. You will go into his workspace and see where he created all his beautiful artwork and what inspired him. His house is gorgeous, it is set on a hill and you can over look the city. The backyard with the pool and green grass and beautiful tree is breathtaking. Then you walk down to his museum where you can get another tour to explain his artwork. This is a great tour.
  2. The Basilica is located in the historic center of Quito. This basilica is amazing; it is huge and so beautiful. When you enter inside you never would expect how amazing is. The architecture is so amazing, every stained glass window and arch is amazing and perfect.
  3. Church of the Society of Jesus is the most beautiful church with interior that I have never seen. It is full of gold, everything is gold and beautifully designed.
  4. Church and Convent of St. Francis is another beautiful church in Quito you must visit. It is very beautifully decorated. I like to see all these churches and see the differences and learn the history.
  5. El Panecillo is on the top of a hill with an angel on the top. You can see the hill from the historic center so it is close by but not close enough to walk, better to take a cab. The statue is protecting the Quito.
  6. Calle la Rambla is a street you can walk from the historic center. That street is really fun and has a lot of different shops. They have a cacao shop as well as a soap shop and honey shop and lots more! Through this street you can walk down, is so fun, and see everything.
  7. Otovalo market is an indigenous market where they sell all their goods! This place is awesome. They have everything from shoes to food. You can get plates, cups, and pillowcases hand threaded. You can find anything and it is all beautiful, I suggest bring empty suitcase so you can buy a lot to decorate your house or apartment! The stuff is amazing. It is also very cheap! I definitely suggest going there, it is very fun to see it all.

Ecuador is a relatively cheap place to visit, this is one of the reasons why I love visiting this place apart from the people, food, and beautiful attractions.

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