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Termas de Papallacta

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Tranquility at the Termas

Published by Lauren Armstrong

A couple hours away from Quito is Termas de papallacta. This is a natural hot springs that they created into a resort.

You can either stay the night in the beautiful cabins or go for the day. You have to pay for the day pass but like everything in Ecuador it is very cheap. It is so pretty here, most of the time Quito is very cold and gloomy so when you get to these hot springs it is amazing to soak in the hot water.

The land is so beautiful and lush all around, so green and abundant. I suggest staying a night or two because it is so beautiful and calming there the last thing you want to do is drive home!

Plus if you can get two days in the water its so nice. They also have some areas where the water is freezing cold! There is also a lot of nice hikes around the area I suggest doing because it is so beautiful in the countryside.

There is also a restaurant t the termas and it is amazing! They have great fresh fish and lots more. My favorite is the mochaccino they have great drinks and coffee as well.

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