Hacienda Rumiloma

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Another Great Spot in Quito, Ecuador!

Published by Lauren Armstrong

Hacienda Rumiloma is a hotel in the mountains of Quito, Ecuador. This house use to be an old nobles house and its beautiful. There is the main part where the lobby is as well as the restaurant, bar, and other seating areas. When you arrive they take your bags to your room, which is located out of this house. There are other little houses located all along the property in a cluster together. Each room is decorated differently and is so amazing. Every detail of the room is beautiful and everything is decorated. Up in the mountains it is a bit colder but so refreshing and green. It is very peaceful, when we arrived there was a heard of lamas roaming about. This place has many animals that roam around freely. There is a grass area outside that is so beautiful and overlooks the city. They have peacocks roaming around which make it even more beautiful. When we arrived we went on a little walk around the area. There are good walking trails and it is so fun to walk around and see how beautiful the area is. After we sat in the restaurant and ate. The food was delicious and the presentation was amazing. The main house is warm and cozy and makes eating dinner there so nice. After Dinner we went down to the bar/pub area! It is amazing with a fire pit and decorated so cool! It is very cozy and great for getting a drink and hanging out a bit. When we were there one of the owners, a lady, talked to us for a bit because she is American too. She was so nice and welcoming and chatted with us for a while! She was precious and it was nice to interact with her. We got sangria and it was very good! While we were there one of the staff took our keys so they could put the fire on and a hot bedpan under our bed. Once we returned it was so warm inside it was amazing! It was chilly outside so to have this was amazing. The bed was so comfortable I didn’t want to leave haha. In the morning we had an amazing breakfast, they serve you everything it was so good. I wanted to eat outside but unfortunately it was very cold. We had it inside over looking the view though so it was amazing. This place was great they also do special tours and will help you do whatever you want! Can’t wait to go back!

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