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Mindo, Ecuador For Some Fun Adventure!

Published by flag-us Lauren Armstrong — 7 years ago

First off Ecuador is AMAZING!!! This is one of my favorite countries to visit. It is gorgeous; the amount of vegetation and wildlife they have is unreal. Everything is green and abundant.  Mindo is a little town located in the mountains. It is so beautiful here, surrounded by all the trees and forestation. There are numerous birds and humming birds flying by which makes it so serene. The town is very small but there are some amazing parts about it! I suggest doing the zip line, I went through the Mindo Canopy Adventure Tours. They have everything there for you harness, helmet and everything. It was very safe and by far the best time I have had! You can choose the rout you want to take, we took the longest one and it was worth it. You hold your own harness with the belay and walk up until you get to a zip line you are going to go down. You can even do fun moves on their with the guide like superman or mariposa! It was barely hiking; it was not strenuous at all. The people were very nice and it was a great tour! They have a lot of other tours you can go on as well. if you have more time I suggest all of them haha! If you are looking for a place to stay I suggest El Abrazo del Arbol or San Jorge de Milpe Eco-Lodge Orchid & Bird Reserve. There are many beautiful places to stay and you are in the wilderness. It is amazing in the mountains so peaceful and calming. While you are there you have to eat at El Quetzal de Mindo. This is the best restaurant here; it is also a chocolate factory! You can even go on a chocolate tour if you want. The menu is amazing and some dishes even incorporate chocolate in them! That’s the best to order! You also have to order dessert because their brownies are to die for!! Homemade with fresh chocolate it is so good. You can also buy many of their products to take with you. They have lots of different chocolate products for baking and if you buy the block of chocolate it gives you their recipe that they use for brownies.

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