Discovering Best European Destination 2017 | Erasmus experience Porto

Discovering Best European Destination 2017

I'm sorry to tell you that no matter how much time you spend in this city there are never enough days to get to know everything! And believe me, I've been living here all my life and I still manage to discover something new every once in a while.

In this post along with the pictures I'll show you some of our best features!

First of all, I don't believe you're able to visit Porto without visiting the famous and gorgeous São Bento Railway Station. Everyday thousands of people arrive and go in this exact place, whether it is city's citizens or tourists. Not one minute goes by without having someone taking a picture of one of the oldest railway stations in Europe. (If you'd like, give me some feedback on the picture and also ask me for more!).

Once you leave São Bento just go straight forward and you'll be in Avenida dos Aliados. From down here we can see Porto's Town Hall (the building you see in the picture). Besides that, on your right you'll see McDonald's, this one being considered the most beautiful in Europe. If you get lost, don't worry, just ask someone, here in Porto everyone tries to help everyone!

Let's not make you go down now! Can you see Ribeira? I can almost bet you've already seen it in pictures, the wood boats that take you down and up the river to check the 5 bridges, the other view to Cais de Gaia! Well, how can you forget the amazing D. Luís I Bridge? People crossing not only in the lower part but also on the top! I love this bridge! When we cross on the Saint John's night it shakes everywhere! There are so many people crossing it that it actually moves by itself, it's so amazing! Please try it!

I can't tell you every place to go, you must discover it for yourself! But just do me one favor:

Please watch the sunset on D. Luís I Bridge, you'll have a picture to see how it looks! You know the word serendipity? It just feels like that, so simple but so mesmerizing.

I can't help but fall in love with this city over and over again! I hope you do too

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