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Published by flag-pt Ricardo Fernandes — 14 years ago

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If in addition to studying like to know cultures, travel and make friends this is a city that meets all these requirements.
Very rich in culture and cuisine, Porto is definitely a good choice because you have all kinds of transport and modernized a great diversification of the same. Prices of housing are affordable and the people very welcoming and friendly.

For those who enjoy discotheques and bars diversification is enough.
Both downtown and in its periphery there are plenty of bars and nightclubs very interesting, some of them nationally recognized.

The restaurants are for all tastes, from the most expensive and exquisite, the most accessible, but even these more accessible, if knowing a little town find a lot more than serve a low cost.

As for the nightlife, the minimum entry in most nightclubs varies widely, some that have no minimum consumption, and have others that the same is around 5 euros, 10 euros or even more. Those clubs most sought or can you go there early or accompanied, or else you will be doorstep because they are very selective.

Great advise to those who visit the port, tour the city\'s historic district, at night if they do advise you to do so together, because unfortunately there is crime everywhere and despite having security on the night of the Port not mean that there is a total absence of crime, but if you walk in groups do not have any problem. It\'s the beginning when people did not know you, but to avoid entering into certain housing estates have no problem.
I advise you also to visit the waterfront and beaches.
Both by the river by the sea as there are spectacular views as well as bars and terraces very affordable and will give you that flawless moments and fantastic views.

I advise also to take advantage of weekends to meet not only the Port but also other parts of Portugal. Enjoy and bang on a train and wander up to rule by example. The trip is always super nice by the river and the Fantastic Romantic Douro River which is world heritage and is on the shores of that which produces the familiar PORTO WINE.

For those who have some more financial wealth, a cruise on the Douro River is also very good and certainly will be well recorded in your memory.

Well, as you can see Porto has a lot to say about them, so they have more questions and have them ask me at will. In principle I Erasmus but also to Vilnius, between late June and early October, but if the Porto at the time of your Erasmus I can help you more, or that you do some guided tour of the city and beyond.

If I\'m not here at the Porto has no problem here, or contact by email and I will answer all questions that you can in order to clarify any questions and provide you good choices and moments in the fantastic city of Porto.

I\'m from Porto, so if any of you need some tips or help just ask and I will try to help they need ...

Regards ...

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Comments (9 comments)

  • flag-pl Krzysztof Kaleta 14 years ago

    Ricardo! Boa Tarde!;-) Can U tell how it is with an accomodation in Porto? I`ve got some infromation from my Erasmus univ. (U. do Porto) about private accom. but all of them are \"to let\" from July (I want to be there on 25-30th August). Is there any possibilities to contact with somebody who can help me with this problem? ;-) Cheers from Kraków, K.

  • flag-es laura carrillo 14 years ago

    Hi Ricardo! I\'m Laura and I\'m going to Porto next year. Do you know anything about hall (residencias)? I\'ve looked information in the internet but this information is so poor. In addition, I try to telephone them but nobody answer me...I\'ve telephoned to Paranhos and José Novais Barbosa. And another important thing in the life of a erasmus... where is the area of party in Porto or the city centre? There is some pubs and disco in the city centre or the discos are around the city? Thanks!

  • flag-pt Ricardo Fernandes 14 years ago

    Hola Laura. Si lo prefiere, puede hablar conmigo en español o castellano porque entiendo perfectamente. No sé cómo escribir un perfecto español, pero no cabe duda de que es traductor Google para algo, lol:). En cuanto a lugares para alojarse, yo no estoy mucho en esto, ya que vivo cerca de 36 Kms del centro de la ciudad con mis padres, pero puedo tratar de aprender algo al respecto. Ya en la actualidad va a la universidad para estudiar? En cuanto a bares y discotecas, la ciudad de Oporto tiene mucho que ofrecer. Tanto el centro y alrededor de la misma, tiene muchos fantásticos bares y clubes de renombre nacional. La gran diversidad de lugares que transportar fácilmente en cualquier lugar de la ciudad y muy asequibles precios. Usted tiene un metro moderno que se extiende no sólo bajo la tierra, sino también a la superficie, tienen enormes autobuses, taxis, trenes y más. En cuanto a restaurantes, hay algo para todos, desde los más caros y exquisitos de la depende todo lo más accesible, en lo que usted busca. Lo que estoy aún más anticuada a compartir el alojamiento, pero voy a tratar de aprender más acerca de esto porque tengo muchos amigos que viven en casas alquiladas. Sé que usted tiene una zona denominada POLO UNIVERSITARIO donde todo el mundo que vive allí son estudiantes. ¿Tiene alguna pregunta adicional, estoy aquí desechables

  • flag-pt Ricardo Fernandes 14 years ago

    Hello Laura. If you prefer you can speak to me in Spanish or Castilian because I understand you perfectly. I do not know how to write a perfect Spanish but no doubt there is google translate to something, lol:). As for places to stay, I\'m not much into this, since I live about 36 Kms from the city center with my parents but I can try to learn something about it. Already now going to university to study? As for bars and nightclubs, the city of Porto has plenty to offer. Both downtown and around the same, you have many fantastic bars and clubs nationally known. The great diversity of places you easily transport anywhere in the city and very affordable prices. You have a modern subway, which runs not only under the ground but also to the surface, you have lots of buses, taxis, trains and more. As for restaurants, there is something for everyone, from the most expensive and exquisite to the most accessible, everything depends on what you seek. What I\'m even more outdated will share the accommodation, but I\'ll try to learn more about this up because I have many friends who live in rented houses. I know you have an area called POLO UNIVERSITY where everyone who lives there are students. Any further doubt has, I\'m here willing to help in what can.

  • flag-pt Ricardo Fernandes 14 years ago

    Hello Krzysztof Kaleta, Good afternoon to you too. As to the question of accommodation I answer you the same thing I said to Laura, I\'m not much into this, since I live about 36 Kms from the city center with my parents, but I have friends who live in rented houses and I try to learn it. Do not know if there are special prices for Erasmus students, but it is a question to ask. If you go to the University of Porto, you go near my time, I\'m in UPT - Universidade Portucalense Infante D. Henrique, who is next to the Hospital de S. João. I know there is a Polo University right next to our university and who coincidentally has all transportation, including subway, passing by that location. As you know the figures do not say anything concrete, but since I am the vice president of our student association can put advertisement in the university to ask if someone is willing to rent room or share the rent of the lease with erasmus students and if so I tell you. I will also do a search for rentals here in Porto and if you find something, I convert the text into English or your default language and I send you. I also speak English very basic, escaped me much better with Spanish as it is a neighboring country, but it always gives google translate to make a contribution. It is not 100% reliable, but it helps:). If you can help with anything else available ... Greetings from Portugal;)

  • flag-pt Ricardo Fernandes 14 years ago

    Sorry if the text is a bit nonsensical, but for I to respond more quickly and without being a pull much by the head,:), I traduce in Google translater:)

  • flag-pl Krzysztof Kaleta 13 years ago

    Ola Ricardo! After this time is there any new information about this flats? I`m sorry for not answering but I don`t have much time in June and after that I just forgot about this topic;-) I`ll be in Porto in the end of August and then I`ll get some apartment/flat/place-in-flat ;-) You said you can ask your friends about this places - is it still available to do it? Of course I don`t have much money (isn`t that typical?;-) ), but I think that it will be not the biggest problem. If you can help me with this I`ll be very gladfull. And of course after my arriving to Porto we`ll go for some beers ;-) Greets!

  • flag-pt Ricardo Fernandes 13 years ago

    for exemple here: www.bquarto.pt

  • flag-pt Ricardo Fernandes 13 years ago

    try this too: http://portocity.olx.pt/imoveis-cat-16

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