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Falling in love with Porto

Published by flag-tr serhat aslan — 14 years ago

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Been a turkish and going to Porto is fulfilled of adventure..Just because of traffic problems make you easily mad in Turkey..But when i reached Porto,i saw incredible good transportation system..And a small cute city.Why i said?when you go out for a party,you can change for a new club by walking.
People of Porto.i could die for them because they are so polite,nobody interested about your looking.I stayed nearly 4 months and at the and of first month i had a broken leg.What i did after this?I didn\'t stop going out for parties.In buses and metro,even old people gave me place for sitting.After all of this,Porto and me;we fell in love..

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Comments (5 comments)

  • flag-pt Margarida Lourenço 14 years ago

    I am from Porto :) So glad you liked it, you\'re welcome everytime!

  • flag-pt Leonel Panacas 14 years ago

    I am from Portugal, and to be honest, I never had the opportunity to visit Porto and to meet their people, But I am sure that they have beautiful city there and the people are the very very nice. _:D There are many beautiful places in Portugal everyone should try to visit and enjoy it, you\'ll be always WELCOME!_:)

  • flag-pt sara marilyn 13 years ago

    serhat!!! :D Im so glad to read this!!! cause I think a make part of this experience! :D I miss you!!! come back to visit us!! ;D

  • flag-pt Jorge Paulos 13 years ago

    It\'s awesome to hear those comments about my city! :D

  • flag- Joaquim Martins 11 years ago

    Imagens da cidade do Porto http://tentalembrartedealgo.blogs.sapo.pt/

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