Travel is my one dream | Erasmus experience Paris

Travel is my one dream


I'm  neïla  chenoi. And i have a dream. 

I'm in high school and it's my last years.

I'm intrasting by more thinks. I have so many hobby like : sing, danse, draw , photography and stylisme...

My dream is travel around the world . And because i leave in a little  island  Réunion. 

I wich to come to paris the next years if its possible. I just want to discover other countries.

I have a great level il english and il understand spanish.

So i have already  travel at Mauritus, Sechelle, rodrigue, madacascar, ect... all the island  around the Réunion.  However  i have nerver go more away than these country. 

So please  i swear you can realize my dream and go out. 

I really want to go to paris !

Thank you for your listening.



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