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Paris experience, France, by Victoria

How was living in Paris? Would you recommend it? How is the city like?

Paris is a beautiful city, nice to observe and where it is nice to wander as well. But everything is expensive. You should know that even if Paris is a "dream city", the atmosphere is hostile... You better be prepared to live there.

How is the student life in Paris?

There is always a special price for student, it is pretty nice.

What is the cost of living in Paris?

It is too expensive... But you still have the opportunity to find a student job, like babysitting.

Is it difficult to find an accommodation in Paris? Can you give some advice?

Yes, it is difficult. Either it is too expensive, or it is a fraud. It is all about chance.

How is food in the city? What are your favorite courses?

You can find all kind of food. Expensive one, cheaper one. Honestly, all of the restaurant I went to eat had a little something that I like.

What are the "must see" places in Paris?

If you come to Paris, I would recommend to go to the Montparnasse Tower because you can see it all from there, included the Eiffel Tower. Otherwise, just wander around to discover.

What about eating in Paris? Could you tell us your favorite spots?

My favorite spots are Saint Michel ( the best crepes you can have) or Odeon, there are some theme restaurant like "pizza" or "panini"

What advice would you give to Erasmus Students in Paris?

Discover, enjoy, it is a wonderful city

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