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Erasmus Experience in Paris, France by valery yang

Published by valery valery — 23 days ago

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Why did you choose to go to Paris, France?

Hello, I am Indonesian, I did my bachelor and lived in Shanghai, China for 3 years. I came to Paris because of the scholarship offered by my school for Master in Luxury Brand Management. I love Paris more than I imagined. But just the living cost especially for the accommodation is pretty expensive (if you live in Paris), but I know many of my friends are living outside Paris for cheaper and bigger place. The downside its just a bit far from the city center but since there is a transportation to take, it's not really a problem. Again, depend on your preferences. Do you prefer to live in suburb (quiet, cheaper, bigger place, but far) or city center (expensive, smaller place, but you almost have everything around you "museums, beautiful parks, and other famous monuments) :)

How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs?

In my case, I finished my Master in 18 months, tuition fees covered by my school + round trip flights from SH to Paris (living cost not included).
As soon as I arrived here, I applied for CAF, it's a financial support from France government for students. I live with a roomie in Paris, I receive 125€ each month to help with my rent/living cost. If you live alone you will receive more money, the highest amount the govrn will gives you is around 250€ (if you live alone)

What is the student lifestyle like in Paris?

to be honest, there are plenty of benefits as a student here in Paris ! all the museums are free for students (esp. if you are from Art school) and there are plenty or reduction prices for students including metro card, as a student you just have to pay half of price (if only you subscribe for one year metro card) and many more !

Would you recommend the city and the University of Paris to other students?

Umm.. it's depend again on your priority, for me, I prefer to live in Paris near to my school and I don't like spending too much time on the metro. But don't worry there are also so many student residences with cheaper price examples: (student residence levallois, Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, etc.)

What is the food like?

The food is very diverse here, if you come from Asia don't worry you won't be starved here seriously, there are plenty of Asian groceries, restaurants, bubble tea shops etc etc in the 13th arrondissement also known as China town ! But, also French foods are amazing too ! There are plenty of restaurants and nice bars that is pretty affordable for students ! Especially the boulangerie (Bakery) in Paris, the classic baguette, croissant and pain au chocolat is perfect for breakfast with a cup of coffee in the morning :)

Did it cost you to find your accommodation in Paris?

Here is the tricky part, DO NOT ever pay anything in advance before you sign the contract ! (online or offline) I know it's very stressful and challenging to find an accommodation especially in Paris. But there are so many cases I heard and also happened to some of my friends before coming to Paris they looked for accommodation online (with beautiful pictures) and pay before they receive and sign the contract, they use thousand of reasons and try to threaten you to make u pay in advance before signing the contract, trust me, this is scamming. Don't fall for all sweet promises before you have the contract or visit the place. Even after you receive the contract, you have to read and check everything carefully before signing up.

And also, you need a guarantor (someone you know/relative who lives in Paris, if you don't have this there are also online garant that you have to pay ex: to be able to rent an apartment in Paris.

How much does it cost to live in Paris?

Before I lived in 93500 (just outside Paris a little) 30m2 for two people we paid 860€/month. But then, we moved to Paris in the 16th arrondissement (75016) also 30m2 studio for two people we pay 1300€/month. Here you can see the price gap between suburb and city center. The further you live from Paris the cheaper it is.

Is the language easy to get to grips with? Are there language courses available at the University?

Since my school was fully in English, and I had zero knowledge in French it was very hard for me indeed. My school didn't provide any French courses at that time, so I had to find another external courses to learn French. Again, it's not an easy language, I prefer speaking in Chinese than French to be honest even if my mother tongue is Indonesian ?

What's the easiest or most economical way to travel to Paris from your city?

Train ! There are often offers for train ticket and also if you are a student or under 25 years old, you will get another reduction price.

Where would you recommend to go on a night out in Paris?

Wherever you are, I am not only talking in Paris, you need to be careful whenever you go out at night time. But, I would't recommend you to go out at night in the area of 18th & 19th arrondissement. It's better to not to go out alone, or don't wear something too attractive. For girls, always put your bag in front of your body.

And for eating? Can you recommend some good restaurants in Paris?

Since I am Asian and there are plenty of affordable and good foods in the 13th arrondissement. If you want cool bars, nice french restaurants I recommend you to go to Le Marais in the 3rd and 4th arrondissements in Paris.

What good cultural sites are there to visit?

What's the first thing crosses your mind when you hear Paris? The Eiffel Tower of course ! if you want to have picnic with Eiffel tower view come to Champ de Mars.
Next one is Louvre Museum, Musée d'Orsay, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, if you want to see the whole view of Paris come to Sacré-Coeur Basilica !
And of course one of my favorite place to visit is The Palace of Versailles

Is there any other advice that you could give to students going to Paris in the future?

Learn French or at least know how to talk for basic conversation. And, you might have cultural shock in the first time just like me. But by the time goes, you will love Paris and don't wanna leave this beautiful city.

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