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The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma

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Jewel of Mallorca

Translated by Roelof Lubbert Brink — 2 months ago

Original text by Denise Kuboshima

The Cathedral of Mallorca, also known as La Seu, is certainly the gem of Mallorca. Especially the construction and the different 'styles' that the Cathedral shows are wonderful to see.

The construction of the Mallorca Cathedral took about 300 years for it to be completed in 1601. Gaudí (yes, the Gaudí who worked in Barcelona on The Sagrada Familia) led the rebuilding of the cathedral in the 20th century. He left a huge chandelier hanging over the altar. The ceramic walls were also introduced by him.



The cathedral is 121 meters long and 55 meters wide.

The striking fact is that the ground of the cathedral used to be ground of a large mosque. The mosque called 'Medina Mayurcag', an important mosque for the Arab community. The mosque was broken down in stages until there was nothing left of it in the 14th century.


The view from the square in front of the cathedral is beautiful. From here you have a beautiful view over Palma de Mallorca.

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