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Padova, “a big village”

Padova is a suitable place for your Erasmus stay. It is not a big city and that is exactly the reason why you will feel very welcome. You will enjoy walking and watching its beautiful buildings and also riding a bicycle through its cobbled streets.

That is exactly one of the key points in Padova: the bicycle, an authentic symbol of this city because it has become the most used mean of transport, not only for students, but also for parents, children, nuns and dogs (thousands of bicycles!). Bicycle is a complete symbol of Padova and buying it is quite a tradition because there is usually “a second-hand bicycle market” in a small square, where people with doubtful honesty sell you a bike at a bargain price. A piece of advice: haggle over!

Party in Padova is very typical, but obviously party in Spanish cities like Santiago, Salamanca or Granada is much better. There are some bars and discos (it is worth noting “La Banale”), but drinking in Piazza dell’Erbe, all Wednesdays of the year (it doesn’t matter if it is cold or it snows), is a typical characteristic of Padova. Everybody gathers there to drink some wine, beer or SPRITZ (a traditional sweet drink, made of Aperol and white wine) and to give free rein to inebriated conversations, small acoustic guitar concerts and heartless flirtation:

Erasmus girls, Italian boys are urchins!

Erasmus boys, Italian girls have seen it all before! But they really like Spanish boys. So, you know, it doesn’t matter if you are more “Basque” than Sabino Arana… let them hear your Spanish accent!

Leisure time: apart from the parties, travelling is one of the main Erasmus activities. Bergamo-Milan airport are very near (one hour from Padova) and you can find cheap flights with Ryanair. I was in Stockholm, Rome, Liubliana (Slovenia), Timisoara (Romania)… Some friends of mine went to London and also Belgium. Verona and Florence are very near and you will be in Venice in 20 minutes from Padova! It is something amazing for travel lovers.

Besides travelling, you will find a wide range of cultural activities: theatre courses, tango and salsa courses, etc, as in all cities, but you have to take into account that you are not in your city, so you can know other culture and other arts. Take advantage of this opportunity!

You will enjoy all kind of parties: Erasmus parties in Erasmus flats (we organized a crazy concert in our flat!), the full canteen (meeting point), the interesting markets in Pratto della Valle, the nice experience of learning the Italian language (I encourage you to learn Italian language well, it is not difficult, and it is satisfactory), the Erasmus choir (to tell the truth, I have never imagined to be in a choir!), etc.

That is all. Padova is great.

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