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Erasmus Experience in Padua, Italy, by Cassandre

Translated by flag-ie A M — one month ago

Original text by flag-fr Cassandre Leclere

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Erasmus Experience in Padua, Italy, by Cassandre


Why did you decide to go to Padua, Italy?

It's very well-located. It's close to lots of tourist cities such as Verona, Venice, Mantua, Ferrara, etc... it's also near the Euganean hills, the sea, and also the Alps, with the Dolomites just a two-hour car journey away!

How is student life in Padua?

The student life in Padua is very active. There are lots of organised parties, but also trips, city tours - especially with the AEP ESN group, who are really active in this city.

Would you recommend the city and the university to other students?

Totally, it's a lively, dynamic, pretty city.

How is the food in this country?

Excellent, just like it is all over Italy.

Did you have difficulties finding accommodation in Padua?

No, I managed to find accommodation before arrival in the city. I recommend getting in touch with Erasmus students who are leaving their accommodation and have to find replacements. There are loads of Facebook pages dedicated to rooms/ apartments for foreign students in Padua. The SASSA is also an organisation that can help you find accommodation if you're a student.

What is the cost of living in Padua?

Life in Padua isn't expensive (unless you want to find good French bread!) Like anywhere, higher quality will cost more, but it's pretty easy to shop at affordable prices (for example, the Conad - 10 minutes by bike from the centre - is cheap and well-stocked). Fruit and vegetable markets are also very accessible at low prices. You can also find plenty of places to eat at cheap prices (Da Pretto).

Is the language easy to understand? Did you have language classes at the university?

I could already speak Italian so I didn't have any problems understanding. The problem is how fast the Venetians speak - they speak very, very quickly!

Alternatively, Italian language courses are offered for Erasmus students who wish to familiarise themselves with the language of the country.

What's the cheapest way to travel to Padua from your home town?

The cheapest way is to take the bus - Flixbus, Megabus, Euro Car... You can pay a bit more for a second suitcase, which isn't a bad idea when you're going away for several months!

Where would you recommend for partying in Padua?

I recommend the Factory, Fishmarket (these are both nightclubs), stroll over to ''Scalini'', I Novagli in the summer (along the river, lots of kiosks and parties from April onwards). There are also lots of organised parties every night, which you'll find if you follow the association's and the city's Facebook page, along with a bunch of event recommendations.

And where are your favourite places to eat in Padua?

Pizzeria Savonarola... via Savonarola, and a Neapolitan bakery via Dante.

Which cultural sights should one see?

  • Palazzo Bo
  • Cappella Scrovegni et Musée de Ermitage
  • Medicine Museum
  • Prato della Valle...
  • The surrounding cities - Verona, Vicenza, Venice...

Another plus is that in Italy the train is really developed and not too expensive, so you can visit lots of cities around Padua. For example, a return ticket to Venice costs less than 10 euro.

Do you have any advice for future students going to Padua?

Don't hesitate about going, just go!

Erasmus Experience in Padua, Italy, by Cassandre


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