Nottingham City Guide 2021: the Ultimate Guide

So you’ve decided to come to Nottingham. Great choice! As you will soon discover, Nottingham has plenty to offer. Nevertheless as exciting as this new chapter of your life may be, moving away to an unknown place can seem daunting and you are bound to have a lot of questions. This is completely normal. There is a lot to think about after all - accommodation, adapting to a new university, making new friends, money... It can feel like an endless amount to think about! After all, moving away takes a great deal of preparation and planning ahead.

However, worry no more! Here, we have put together a guide of useful tips and tricks to help you along your new adventure in England.

  1. Tips for studying abroad in Nottingham - Study abroad in Nottingham
  2. Cost of living in Nottingham
  3. Save money in Nottingham - A guide to living on a student budget
  4. How to get to Nottingham - Getting to Nottingham by train, plane, car or bus
  5. Public transport in Nottingham - Getting around Nottingham
  6. Neighbourhoods of Nottingham
  7. Accommodation for students in Nottingham - Top tips and advice
  8. Nightlife in Nottingham - A guide to nightclubs and going out in Nottingham (Part 1)
  9. Nightlife in Nottingham - A guide to nightclubs and going out in Nottingham (Part 2)
  10. Where to eat in Nottingham - Gastronomy in Nottingham
  11. Top Nottingham attractions - Top things to do in Nottingham
  12. Day Trips from Nottingham - Places to visit and excursions from Nottingham
  13. Festivals in Nottingham - Festivities and celebrations calendar
  14. Nottingham in 3 days - What to see in Nottingham in 3 days

Author: Beth Pearson

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