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Kadidja's Erasmus Experience in Nicosia, Cyprus

Translated by flag-ie A M — one month ago

Original text by flag-dj Kadidja AHMED

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Why did you decide to go to Nicosia, Cyprus?

My decision was based on the quality of education.

How long was your time there? What financial aid did you receive?

5 months.

What's the student life in Nicosia like?


Would you recommend the city and university of Nicosia to other students?

Yes, for sure, the university provides a supportive working environment. The public transport isn't great, though, it's often late, so you're better off getting a bike.

How is the food in this country?

Excellent, you can easily find the must-haves (pizza, hamburgers, Asian dishes, Lebanese... ) Most restaurants generally have vegetarian options.

Did you have difficulties finding accommodation?

It's important to start looking for an apartment or flat share as soon as possible, it's quite difficult to find accommodation.

What's the cost of living in Nicosia?

Slightly cheaper than in France.

Is it easy to understand the language?

Unfortunately not, but you can speak in English.

What's the cheapest way to travel from your home town to Nicosia?

Blueair goes from Paris CDG, stopover at Bucharest and arriving in Larnaca. Flights to Larnaca are cheaper than flights to Nicosia, the capital.

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