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wonderful live in Nicosia

My name is Kelvin ojo,am from Nigeria (lagos?).am currently studying at the Near east university in  my first year.

 Life in Nicosia is more than 'fun' as a matter if fact,things are extremly cheap and fresh.am going to talk about food in my essay today.

In Nicosia,there a whole lot of varieties when it comes to delicacies. There is a popular roll known as kebab.oh my....the most amazing fact is that you can order for it at any time you want.they are readily delivery men to bring that sumptious meal to your door step,even when you dont have the money currently you can solicit for payment later.

Again,water and drinks are very cheap for even a broke personal to afford.You can get a bottle of water for (50 gurus)  and one  apple for (50gurus) as well.and a can of either coke,fanta or sptite for just (1.50) gurus.while the kebab goes for just (10 tl).like i said earlier,they are a variety of meal from the Nigeria meals,you either get at Mama Africa (prepared) or the raw food stuffs at city centre.they are zimbabwean dishes as well.be rest assured that whatever kind of dish you desire, you are sure to get once you have your money.

Below are the ratios at which money is converted in Nicosia (north cyprus)

        100 (gurus) = 1 Turkish lira

        3 Turkish lira = 1.5 dollars

        30 Turkish lira = 10 Euro

        10 dollars = 8.5 euro

Lastly, be rest assured that you can make and purchase items online with your credit cards.with maximum security,the Turkish people are friendly and ready to help you with the necessary informations you need to enjoy your stay in Nicosia. So if you think of either studying or visiting, be rest assured that you are safe and covered.


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