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Walk near the seaside of Naples

Published by Marianna Tiano — 2 years ago

Two days ago I decided to go out for a walk with my best friend. She is going to leave Naples for an Erasmus in Madrid. We decided to stay together for a while and we went for a walk and some sushi on the Lungomare of Naples.

It is a really wonderful place, a very long walk on the seaside. On the way you have tha chance to smell different taste... a cooked pizza, a good coffe, or the smell of the sea, of course!

When you walk you can see a famous castle, which is Castel dell'Ovo. Near the castle you can see some stairs for going under it and near some good reasturants based on fish cuisine. This kind of cuisine is really good, tasty and almost cheap in Naples (around 30-35 € per person).

At the end of this way you can see the famous napolitan volcano, the Vesuvio. If you can turn left you can go through the historical center of Naples which start with Plebiscito's square and the Royal Palace.

Have a good walk!

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