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  • Pompeii, Italy

    Pompeii is located at southern Italian region, closer to the coast are of the Bay of Naples. In the ancient past, this Roman city was destroyed and turned into ash due the catastrophic of Vesuvius volcano in 79 A. D. But later, researchers have found and excavated the...

    0 by Crazy, in What to see Naples, 5 years ago
  • Nápoles, Italy

    This is one of the ancient and historic city, located at the southern part of Italy. Concerning the ancient history of the city, the historic city centre of the Naples, which is the biggest historical city in Europe, was declared as a UNESCO world heritage Site. The...

    0 by Crazy, in What to see Naples, 5 years ago
  • Capri, Italy

    Capri is a small beautiful island located near Napoli, Italy. Capri is a famous tourist attraction among Italians and non-Italians due to beautiful beach area, natural landscapes, Blue Grotto, Faraglioni, Marina Piccola, Anacapri, etc. Due to the fact that Capri gets...

    0 by Crazy, in What to see Naples, 5 years ago
  • Lungomare

    Two days ago I decided to go out for a walk with my best friend. She is going to leave Naples for an Erasmus in Madrid. We decided to stay together for a while and we went for a walk and some sushi on the Lungomare of Naples. It is a really wonderful place, a very long...

    0 by Marianna, in What to see Naples, 6 years ago
  • Teatro di San Carlo

    The oldest opera house in all of Italy with extraordinary acoustics, the stunning theatre San Carlo! Naples was once the center of the world for opera. Maybe that's the reason why San Carlo is the most important and beautiful opera theatre in Europe. Totally...

    0 by Gamze, in What to see Naples, 7 years ago
  • Piazza del Plebiscito

    Located in the city center, Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the most famous Neapolitan squares. Just between via Toledo and the Royal Palace, Piazza del Plebiscito was and is still the heart of Naples. During the French domination, the square become even more important...

    0 by angelo, in What to see Naples, 8 years ago
  • Alter Ego

    Alter Ego is a live music bar in the heart of Naples, where you can relax and share your passion for music. This international meeting point combines the historical architecture with the innovative design. Bakery & coffee corner during the day and aperitif & cocktail...

    0 by Marina, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Naples, 8 years ago
  • Pizzeria Da Michele

    Me and my friend were hungry after the big search for appartments at Naples. He asked me whether I would like to heck out of the best Pizzeria's at Naples. Obviously I said yes. It was my first week here at Naples. I was suprised at the first look of the Pizza itself....

    0 by Pradeepa, in Where to eat Naples, 9 years ago

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