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My Erasmus experience in Naples, Italy, by Fanny

Why did you choose to go to Naples, Italy?

I knew that I wanted to go to Italy - it was my only choice of country. I wanted to go to a city in the south.

My Erasmus experience in Naples, Italy, by Fanny

How long did you stay in Naples? How much funding did you receive?

I stayed for

five months

I received 200€/month from the Erasmus grant, 400€/month from my local region and I also still received money based on my income/background. Be careful - funding could depend on whether you normally receive money based on your income/background or not and your location. You also won't receive any money before you leave for your Erasmus trip.

What is student life like in Naples?

It's great, alcohol is really cheap (1, 50€ for a 33cl bottle of beer). Italians like to go out on Thursday evenings!

Would you recommend the city and university of naples to other students?

Yes, even though French and Italian universities are very different. You can expect to have very few classes but lots of reading to do. Regarding the city itself, the people are


but if you prefer a calm atmosphere, don't go to Naples. The locals like background music and there is always some sort of noise in the city.

My Erasmus experience in Naples, Italy, by Fanny

What is food like in Italy?

Delicious! From pizzas (especially the margarita which is a local delicacy), pasta and fried food, you can enjoy as much food as you like - but you might also gain a few kilos...

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