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Experience in Naples, Italy

What was it like living in Naples? Would you recommend it?

I am slightly biased because Naples is my city. I really enjoyed living there, even though this city doesn't have the best reputation.

Experience in Naples, Italy


How was student life in Naples?

The university wasn't very organised or well-managed.

How much does it cost to live in Naples?

Naples is very cheap, in particular the food.

Was it difficult finding accomodation in Naples? Any advice?

It's not difficult to find accomodation as there are many places to live on offer.

What’s the food like in Italy? What were your favourite dishes?

I really like pizza and pasta.

Experience in Naples, Italy


The must-visit places in Naples?

The city centre and the seafront.

And eating in Naples? What are your favourite places?

For pizza - Di Matteo, Sorbillo and Starita.

Where are the best places to go out in Naples?

Piazza Bellini, Vomero, Baretti a Chiaia, via Falcone.

Experience in Naples, Italy


Any advice you want to give to future students going to?

Have fun and eat a lot. Naples has the best food in the world.

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